The Marvellous Miniature World of the Fisheye

2009-07-17 2

Come live in the small yet perfectly distorted Fisheye world – Explore gazing with a Fish’s eye view with our tips, galleries and a special rumble!

Come Live in the Small yet Perfectly Distorted Fisheye World

They say that it’s a small world, after all – and things get interesting when you put that saying into perspective.Take a skinny dip through a new world view where things are pint-sized and packed with detail.

Assimilate our Fisheye products into your journeys and experience a mind-blowing 170 degree perspective – subjects are distorted and backgrounds stretch into infinity! Check out our specially reeled-in offers, handy tips as well as an extended fishy rumble to blow your mind!

Buy the: Fisheye

Take a vantage-point view of the world where everything is tiny and idyllic. Take those fish-happy shots with our home-brd tips & techniques that will make your fishy baby proud!

A View From Above
Like a fish’s last view of the earth, stand on a ledge or higher ground, point and shoot! Bodies are distorted, faces get bloated and backgrounds extend into a mind-blowing fisheye exposition!

Read more: A View From Above

Shoot like a Metro-Savvy Gnome
Try taking a shot from the grass or a skyscraper field up front with your subjects in the background. Doing this, you make the view seem like you’re in a gnome’s savvy home!

Read more: Shoot like a Metro-Savvy Gnome

Take it to 340!
This is a shout-out to all you world-view extremists! Try our lomoveteran Vicuna’s 340-
degree tip: Use your Fisheye 1’s multiple exposure fisheye by turning the rewind spool
after each shot 1 or 2 turns backwards and reap a rewarding overlap of Fishy shots.

Read more: Take it to 340!

Swim into a Gigantic Sea of Top-Class Fisheye Products!

Fisheye 2 | buy now | see more | read more
Get fishy with new features like a hotshoe flash slot and a multi-exposure button!

Fisheye 1 Colors | buy now | see more | read more
Take 170-degree shots with these colourful-skinned cameras!

Colorsplash Flash | buy now | see more | read more
Pair with the Fisheye 2 to tint your minute subjects with peculiar colour combos.

Submarine | buy now | see more | read more
Take the Fisheye on a trip back to its natural habitat and open up a sea of possibilities!

LOMO LC-A Fisheye Adaptor | buy now | see more | read more
Add an improved, circular field-of-view to the Legendary LOMO LC-A camera!

Diana F+ Fisheye Lens | buy now | see more+ | read more
Bring the Fisheye experience to the medium-format game.

Rumble in the Pond Book | buy now | read more
Take a deep dive into a wonderful collection of Fisheye photos compiled in one book!

It’s a Small World with the Fisheye Extended Rumble

Now it’s time to put this newly-found fisheye viewpoint to the test – we’re putting up an exclusive It’s a Small World with the Fisheye extended rumble! Take your shot from the top, bottom or all around and stand a chance to win monstrous piggy point rewards!

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    ha ha ha, funny to hear that I'm a lomo-veteran! :)))) I'm a "lomo-warrior" since summer 2004... but there are some much older "veterans" than myself in this community... ;)))))))))

  2. violet
    violet ·

    I liked it very much. The idea and the opportunities it gives is super. As for me I'm fond of Photography. It is an art for which it is not enough to have a camera but you have to know a lot. As for me, I found a lot of books in Photography at the book search engine . Well, I liked the photos here very much.

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