The Marvellous Miniature World of the Fisheye


Come live in the small yet perfectly distorted Fisheye world – Explore gazing with a Fish’s eye view with our tips, galleries and a special rumble!

Come Live in the Small yet Perfectly Distorted Fisheye World

They say that it’s a small world, after all – and things get interesting when you put that saying into perspective.Take a skinny dip through a new world view where things are pint-sized and packed with detail.

Assimilate our Fisheye products into your journeys and experience a mind-blowing 170 degree perspective – subjects are distorted and backgrounds stretch into infinity! Check out our specially reeled-in offers, handy tips as well as an extended fishy rumble to blow your mind!

Buy the: Fisheye

Take a vantage-point view of the world where everything is tiny and idyllic. Take those fish-happy shots with our home-brd tips & techniques that will make your fishy baby proud!

A View From Above
Like a fish’s last view of the earth, stand on a ledge or higher ground, point and shoot! Bodies are distorted, faces get bloated and backgrounds extend into a mind-blowing fisheye exposition!

Read more: A View From Above

Shoot like a Metro-Savvy Gnome
Try taking a shot from the grass or a skyscraper field up front with your subjects in the background. Doing this, you make the view seem like you’re in a gnome’s savvy home!

Read more: Shoot like a Metro-Savvy Gnome

Take it to 340!
This is a shout-out to all you world-view extremists! Try our lomoveteran Vicuna’s 340-
degree tip: Use your Fisheye 1’s multiple exposure fisheye by turning the rewind spool
after each shot 1 or 2 turns backwards and reap a rewarding overlap of Fishy shots.

Read more: Take it to 340!

Swim into a Gigantic Sea of Top-Class Fisheye Products!

Fisheye 2 | buy now | see more | read more
Get fishy with new features like a hotshoe flash slot and a multi-exposure button!

Fisheye 1 Colors | buy now | see more | read more
Take 170-degree shots with these colourful-skinned cameras!

Colorsplash Flash | buy now | see more | read more
Pair with the Fisheye 2 to tint your minute subjects with peculiar colour combos.

Submarine | buy now | see more | read more
Take the Fisheye on a trip back to its natural habitat and open up a sea of possibilities!

LOMO LC-A Fisheye Adaptor | buy now | see more | read more
Add an improved, circular field-of-view to the Legendary LOMO LC-A camera!

Diana F+ Fisheye Lens | buy now | see more+ | read more
Bring the Fisheye experience to the medium-format game.

Rumble in the Pond Book | buy now | read more
Take a deep dive into a wonderful collection of Fisheye photos compiled in one book!

It’s a Small World with the Fisheye Extended Rumble

Now it’s time to put this newly-found fisheye viewpoint to the test – we’re putting up an exclusive It’s a Small World with the Fisheye extended rumble! Take your shot from the top, bottom or all around and stand a chance to win monstrous piggy point rewards!

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    ha ha ha, funny to hear that I'm a lomo-veteran! :)))) I'm a "lomo-warrior" since summer 2004... but there are some much older "veterans" than myself in this community... ;)))))))))

  2. violet
    violet ·

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