My Life as an Intern at Lomography

2012-04-18 5

How exciting! I started working at Lomography’s Headquarter in Vienna. In the next few weeks I will give you some insights of my internship. But one thing after another: first, let me introduce myself!

Hey there! My name is Eva, I am a student of movie science, arts history and german language. I am currently finishing my studies and I still am undecided what to do and where to go afterwards. So for the time being I moved into my Lomohome and started an internship at Lomography’s Headquarter in Vienna.

I love fleamarkets, cakes, Viennese coffeehouses, animating photos from the supersampler and as I grow old I am really into boys with hairy faces. My favourite ice-cream is raspberry and pistachio. I like all kinds of crafts and DIY and just started to experiment with coloring my own fabrics – I really want to sew some clothes because I am pretty bored of big mainstream brands. If I had to pick my favourite movies I would say: Requiem for a Dream, The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover and almost any film from Pedro Almodóvar. I feel kind of lost in the field of music, but I can always listen to Pantha du Prince, disco classics from the 80’s and Jamie Lidell. I really adore the work from Sarah Illenberger, Jenny Holzer and french design duo Zim and Zou. I love to browse for interesting photos and inspiring Tipsters, I like to swim, hang out in the sun and dance the nights away. On top of my wishlist I have Diana Mini and the City Guide Berlin waiting…

Here at Lomography I will intern till the beginning of July, supporting the team for the online magazine. I am really excited and looking forward to have a great and inspiring time. Of course I will keep you updated in what I do, what I find and what I learn.

You’re wondering now how I actually got here? There is a whole site with worldwide job offers ! Have a look maybe your dreamjob is just waiting around the corner and we can exchange experiences soon.

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  1. carmengraphy
    carmengraphy ·

    Welcome to the Lomo Family :) good luck!

  2. alfonso_deasis
    alfonso_deasis ·


  3. soundfoodaround
    soundfoodaround ·

    Awesome intro. :) ♥ Online team

  4. dreamy
    dreamy ·

    I found the article really interesting :) I hope you're going to continue writing about your experiences as a lomo intern. Greetings from Spain!!

  5. ucinz
    ucinz ·

    what a fantastic & ~inspiring article! hope in next few years I could take an internship in lomography just like you too! ;D

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