The First Roll of Film

2012-04-20 3

You just entered the world of Lomography. You finally bought a Lomography camera or you could not resist temptation and bought an analogue camera on But after years of digital photography: “What to do with your first roll of film?!” Here are some tips.

Credits: dkersbergen

1. All alone in the world of Lomography and nobody to help you? Ask Google, on how to fit the roll of film in your camera!

Credits: dkersbergen

2. Don’t be afraid to fill the roll with randomness and without lots of thinking.

Credits: dkersbergen

3. Try all settings on your camera. You have to get used to all new things, even Lomography, so just make this your “test-roll.”

Credits: dkersbergen

4. And then the Lomo-rules apply, in particular: “Don’t worry about any rules.”

Credits: dkersbergen

And I am sure that after the first roll, lots will follow. Maybe some more “test-rolls” or maybe some piggie-winning pictures.

All pictures are from my first roll in my first “Lomo-camera” (Fisheye)

Ohhhh…. one last thing, please don’t forget to rotate your pictures, before uploading them to your LomoHome, otherwise they will look like mine! (see above)

written by dkersbergen on 2012-04-20 #gear #tutorials #film #ebay #tipster #lomography #first-roll #new-camera #lomography-rules
translated by dkersbergen


  1. tall_bastard
    tall_bastard ·…
    my first roll ;) nice article! ;)

  2. dkersbergen
    dkersbergen ·

    Looks great!

  3. farahn
    farahn ·

    Pretty good pictures for a first roll!!!

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