Rollei RPX 400: A Highly Sensitive Film

2012-05-23 1

Here’s a report on the Rollei RPX 400, a highly sensitive black and white film from Rollei that yields a classic look. Take a look at the photos I shot with this film after the jump!

The Rollei RPX 400 is a classic black and white film. It’s available in a double pack for 35mm cameras. The RPX 400 is also sold as medium format film. The 35mm variant is available in 24 and 36 exposures and sold by Rollei/Maco, a German company based in Hamburg.

The Rollei RPX 400 is a panchromatic black and white film that is advertised as the successor to the discontinued Agfa APX.

The Rollei RPX 400 is suitable for sports and other action shots due to its high ISO value. If desired, it can also be pushed to ISO 1600 with the development.

All images were taken with the Nikon EM and pushed to 1600. I have developed the Rollei RPX 400 itself in Kodak XTOL for 17 minutes. Although I pushed this film, there is still relatively little grain and good sharpness.

The Rollei RPX 400 is superior to the Fomapan 400. I think it is a little grainier than the Kodak T-Max P3200 at ISO 1600. I have not tested how this film reacts with the the Rollei RPX-D, a developer specifically made for the RPX-films.

The pictures with the RPX 400 have a classic black and white look, so the film can be used for various purposes. It is also well-suited for indoor shots and low light situations, because the high sensitivity and wide exposure latitude help create quality shots in low light.

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    Thanks for sharing. I also like this film a lot.

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