Multi Exposures in Your Old LC-A

2012-04-17 2

Learn how to modify your old LC-A to allow you to shoot multiple exposures with a single hole in the camera!

Credits: luisfernandes

DISCLAIMER: DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK (even though it’s almost null)

Picture this: You love your old LC-A! It’s in your blood. Best camera ever, right? But sometimes you get sad when you want to MX and you can’t? I found the solution.

Last night while I was fixing my jammed LC-A, I’ve discovered that there’s a little lever that prevents you to shoot if you don’t wind the film. So, I tried to push it back, and found that you can shoot several times without winding the film, if you can manage to push the lever back.

This is how to do it.


Step 1: Unscrew the 3 little srews at the bottom of your LC-A (as you may see, I already have my LC-A modified).

Credits: luisfernandes

Step 2: Remove the bottom cover (you may want to open the back cover for an easy removal).

Credits: luisfernandes

Step 3: This is the little lever I was talking about. Push it back to enable the MX. (in this photo is already in shoot position).

Credits: luisfernandes

Step 4: Take the bottom cover, and turn the inner side to you.You will notice a little engraved area, right in the place where the levers are.

Step 5: Using a sharp object (I used the screwdriver) or a soldering iron – recommended for a more perfect result, scrap it until you get a hole in that area.

Credits: luisfernandes

Assemble the cover again! You’re done! Happy shooting!

The Lomo LC-A+ is known worldwide for its amazing features: automatic exposure, extended ISO range, and multiple and long exposure capabilities. Get your own Lomo LC-A+ now!

written by luisfernandes on 2012-04-17 #gear #tutorials #camera #tipster #camera-modification #lc-a-multi-exposure-simple-modification

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  1. earlybird
    earlybird ·

    great! done in10 minutes! thank you!!!

  2. jhindsight
    jhindsight ·

    or you can just hold in the little button on the bottom and wind on the counter without actually adancing the film ;-)

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