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Guess who’s our Locations Article of the Week? Gaining top likes and comments from you guys this week is kneehigh85, one of our hardworking regular Locations contributors, who, in spite of juggling a full time job and her recent engagement, has managed to snag the honor of being the author of the Locations Article of the Week for the second time.

Photo by kneehigh85

Sent in as one of the requested posts for the month of April, kneehigh85's article on one of Spain’s most iconic locations, the Sagrada Familia featured stunning photographs in black and white complemented by a short, but sweet narrative of her experience:

“The Sagrada Familia is one of those places that when you say you are off to Barcelona, everyone tells you that you have to visit. When me and Dave first arrived in the city, we had a little wander around that area on our first night and resolved to go back the very next day. The Sagrada Familia is very easy to find as you simply take the metro to the station called “Sagrada Familia” and once you exit, this beautiful Gaudi structure will be looming in front of your very eyes.” – kneehigh85

Photo by kneehigh85

Complete with a few tips on how to go about a trip to this popular location: “For an average unguided tour around the building, it costs 13 euros and as far as I can tell, you can stay in as long as you wish. Although this does seem quite pricey, I think it is really worth it as the inside is as beautiful, if not more so than the outside of the structure. As far as churches go, I have seen my fair share in lots of different countries in Europe but this one is simply outstanding – the ceilings are so high, the detail is so intricate and it really feels as though no expense has been spared in order to make the inside as grand as the outside of this church.” – kneehigh85 ; these bits of information made her article more interesting for her fellow lomographers, gaining more “likes”.

Photo by kneehigh85

Simple, uncomplicated, and informative, kneehigh85's articles are always truly a delight to have here in Locations. Here’s the link to her article

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