The Golden Triangle: Capturing the Buzz in Bangkok’s Chinatown


Bangkok’s Chinatown is a major attraction for both Thais and tourists. It’s also where you can get some of the best street shots, which is great as a confidence builder, especially if you’re a budding street photographer.

The moment you arrive in Bangkok’s Chinatown, you’ll immediately sense the buzz of the place. Depending on your starting point, and where you want to go, there’s plenty to see and do. In fact, for first-timers, you can be overwhelmed by the sights and sounds.

Here’s one of my favorite shots that I captured when I got out of the taxi. It’s not perfect, and was a shot from the hip but it captured the moment.

Yet, I was still not in the heart of Bangkok’s China.

You know you’re in the heart of Bangkok’s Chinatown when you’ll find the street to be hot, tight, and shared by everyone.

And when you think the streets are tight, just wait ‘til you check out the side lanes! They’re packed like sardines!

It is because that there’s so much going on, Bangkok’s Chinatown makes it a perfect place for budding street photographers to snap away. Vendors and customers alike are just so busy going about their activities that they’ll hardly notice you. And that’s where you can get some of the better shots.

However, there are still some unique photos that you can find in the main streets.

If you do want to visit Bangkok’s Chinatown, do plan to spend at least 3 hours there. It’s fun and there are really lots to see, shop, eat, and buy.

Check out the rest of my photos of Bangkok’s Chinatown shot with a roll of Agfa CT Precisa here and with the Lomography XPro 200 here.

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