Cloud 9 with the Pop9: Create Crazy Doubles with the Pop9

2012-04-17 3

Want to try something new? Want to create fantastic multi-lens doubles? It’s really simple and fun to do with the Pop9 (without wrecking your camera).

Credits: nicnocnoo

Materials you need:

  • a Pop9 or similar multi-lensed camera
  • some black electrical tape (cut into 1cm squares)
  • colour gels
  • a roll of film
  • another 35mm camera

For these shots I used a Pop9 and the LC-Wide.

First off load up your film. Quick tip: When you load your film mark where your first frame is with a permanent marker with an arrow pointing up, that way, when you load it into your second camera you should get a pretty good line up.

Note: image is not a Pop9, but gives you the idea (my pop9 is already reloaded)

VERY IMPORTANT: Note that the Pop9 camera loads from right to left, so if you want to reload it into another 35mm camera that works the other way around then shoot your Pop9 roll upside down so everything comes out the right way up!

Next, cover up certain lenses at random with your squares of electrical tape making sure the tape covers the whole lens, but doesn’t overlap onto the other lenses.

See example diagram below:

Credits: nicnocnoo

Start shooting! Quick tip: Throughout your roll, reposition your covered lenses and try colour gels over the top when shooting to get blocks of colour like the shot below.

See example diagram below:

Credits: nicnocnoo

When you get to the end of your roll, wind back until you hear the little click of the leader releasing from the take up spool, this means that you will be able to reload your film into a different camera.

Even if you leave just the one hole uncovered you can get some interesting results!

Credits: nicnocnoo

Load your Pop9 roll into another 35mm camera and line up your film where you marked it previously to get the best out of your doubles. Then shoot through the roll. Once your roll is finished rewind and get it developed, mention to your lab not to cut the negatives (just in case you have overlap)

The possibilities are endless!

Credits: nicnocnoo

The Pop 9 takes nine identical images on one print. Transform your environment into explosions of pattern-repeating pop-art with the Pop 9. See it with the rest of our Multilens cameras here!

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  1. hannahugm
    hannahugm ·

    Awesome tipster! Just got an oktomat for pennies on eBay for something like this :) Hope mine come out as good...

  2. zekalinova
    zekalinova ·

    really creative tipster and really nice photos!! :D

  3. iandevlinphoto
    iandevlinphoto ·

    love it might give it a go

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