Island in the Sun: Montañita, Ecuador

A small tourist beach in the so-called “Ruta del Sol” (sun route) in Ecuador. It is about 2.5 hours away by bus from Guayaquil, the second biggest city, which is also considered as the “industrial capital”. It is a great place to rest, unplug yourself from hectic life in the city, and enjoy the bohemian vibe it sends out.

Montañita has it all!

Credits: litumai

It is a great beach with clear, warm refreshing waters for those like me, who enjoy just lying in the sun and relaxing. But if you got an active personality or are a surfing enthusiast, Montañita also has great waves! Finally, for those of you who are not that much into dipping into the ocean, you can simply enjoy nature: there is also amazing whale and bird watching going on there. Every day is a sunny day (the temperature reaches about 30C/90 F on a regular basis), always warm nights (perhaps a little rain); lots of different and amazing people from many different countries to meet, great food from all around the globe, and most importantly amaaaaazing parties!

Credits: litumai

I traveled there 3 years ago with a group of friends, and just had to go back! So last year I went there again, but that time I took my great comrade, the Diana Mini with me. So here are a few memories I’d like to share, and perhaps in a while you folks can show me yours!

Credits: litumai

So what are you waiting for?!?

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