A Fast Way to Develop Color Film

2012-04-19 2

Tired of multi-baths and the steps needed to process color films? The C-41 process requires many steps, but if you use the Nova Pro-speed 41 film developer kit you can reduce the whole procedure to only two baths.

The Nova Pro-Speed 41 kit allows to reduce the steps to process color films. Only three step are needed: Developing, blix and washing. With great results!

Paralimpic sports (public demonstration in Como, Italy), Fujicolor 200

The kit is composed of a tube and two little bags, all containing the chemicals in powder. You need two 1 liter bottles, one for the developer and the other for the blix.

Credits: sirio174

You must dissolve (in this precise order) the contents of the tube and then the contents of the small bag in 800ml of cold water (why don’t use hot water at the processing temperature of 38 degrees celsius? Simple: because if you use hot water the chemicals will react before mixing it together!). Then you must fill the bottle to have 1 liter of developing solution. Do not breathe the dust! Protect the hands, eyes and face!

The strange “vintage” colors of a Fuji Superia 400, maybe due to a drop of the temperature in the tank of one or two degrees.

In the second bottle you must dissolve the contents of the big bag in 800ml of water. Again do not breathe the dust and protect your hands, face and eyes! Then you must fill the bottle to make one litre of solution.

Fuji Superia 400, good process

Now you must heat the two bottles at the optimum temperature of 38 degrees (but you can process the film between 26 and 43 degrees celsius, changing the developing times from 9:00 to 1:45 minutes. These times are written in the data sheet. At 38 degrees the developing time is 3 minutes and 15 seconds). After the first bath, you can recover the developer solution in the bottle for the next time.

Como Lake, Fuji Superia 400

The second process, the “blix”, requires 3 minutes at 38 degrees, and the time varies from 6 minutes to 2 minutes when the temperature vary from 26 to 43 degress celsius. In this process, the agitation must be continuous.

Como Lake, Fujicolor 200

Then you must wash with hot water (refill your tank 5 times and agitate for 30 seconds every time).

Again a Fujicolor 200 – note the high contrast obtained from this process respect to a mini-lab C-41 process maybe due to an excess of agitation in the first bath!

If you need to push your film, you can do it, increasing the time of the first bath. For example at 38 degrees you can push one stop increasing the developing time of 1 minutes. This kit allows you to push from 1 to 3 stop and to pull 1 stop. So if you are using for example a 400 ISO film you can push it at 800, 1600, 3200 ISO or pull it at 200 ISO. Please note that pushing a color film gives a blue/cyan dominant!

A Fuji Superia 800 pushed at 1600 ISO

The kit allows you to develop 12 rolls of 135mm format film! Sometimes I love develop my color films at home because the slight variations of temperature and developing time, make the photos are always different from one bath to another!

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  1. dogtanian
    dogtanian ·

    I use this kit, its great! I've developed about 24 films in mine so far and its still going strong haha

  2. flashstalker
    flashstalker ·

    stavo giusto cercando info su questo prodotto :)

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