Colorful Chinatown in Black and White

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Singapore’s Chinatown is a famous tourist attraction known for its rich and colorful cultural heritage. What happens if we view this place in black and white only? Find out more after the jump!

Most tourists who visit Singapore will drop by Chinatown to see the distinctly Chinese cultural elements and historical buildings/shophouses. As with all tourist attractions, Chinatown is a place bursting with different colors, most obvious being during the period of the Chinese New Year when red is the color of the day.

Having said that, as the theme of this article is Location in Black & White, I can only show you the B&W shots. But I do feel that the shots evoke different emotions from normal color photos. Enjoy the photos below:

Chinese New Year Night Market where street vendors sell anything and everything related to the festive season!
Chinatown’s food street is where tourists can get to taste authentic local hawker food at a reasonable price.

If your budget allows, you can try one of the many restaurants lining the streets!

Although it is called Chinatown, you can find a Mosque and a Hindu temple situated near each other!

The famous Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is also nearby.

Last but not least, one of the most famous hangouts in Chinatown is the Lomography Gallery Store Singapore. As a result, you might catch one or two Lomo Stars doing their street photography shoots in the lanes nearby.

If you can, try to resist shooting Chinatown in color films and share them with me!

Source: Wikipedia

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