The Postman Always Rings Twice...This Time With a Wonderful Horizon Perfekt!

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This is the second (and last) part of the series, “The Postman Always Rings Twice.” The wonderful surprises of the Lomography Shop do not end with the history of my LCA+RL in the previous article. After some days, the postman has rang my bell again with an amazing Horizon Perfekt!

Sometimes, in our life, we need to “enlarge” our horizons. So, I have a little hint for you: equip yourself with a wonderful panoramic camera, the most complete on the market, the mythical Horizon Perfekt that I found on the Lomography Shop.

Credits: sirio174

Immediately, after the camera was in my hands, the best choice was to load the Horizon with a color film (Fujicolor 200) and leave home for a walk in Como on a beautiful spring day to try it!

In the company of a good book (what book? Of course, the one that came with the camera in the usual well done Lomography package!), and during a nice sunny day, I brought with me a towel. I “threw my shoes and socks in the lake” and I enjoyed the early spring warmth in the company of other people tasting the joy of living “Barefoot in the Park”, as in the famous film!

Credits: sirio174

Sunshine was delicious, with a pleasant breeze; the fresh grass under my feet was a wonderful treat. The user manual of the camera is simple and easy to read, even when it teaches one to load the film by passing it around two rollers! You’ll figure it out in a minute!

Credits: sirio174

Of course, the first shots are dedicated to the beautiful lake of my city. The bright viewfinder with a level is helpful for keeping the camera in horizontal way, without tilts. Although for the first time, you may need some practice (as with all things) to simultaneously take a look at the landscape in the viewfinder and the bubble level (the same difficulty that you can have the first time you use a Lubitel camera and look into the viewfinder; you might be disoriented for a moment for the exchange right-left on the image!). Shutter times up to 1/500s are great for all needs, from sports photos to night shots. The lens is sharp and without distortion! The colors are very natural.

Credits: sirio174

A short walk in Piazza Cavour (the main square), with the “ritual” photo of the lake in the town center:

Credits: sirio174

And then, a nice walk in Viale Geno, with another beautiful “piece of greenery” for a break, to taste the warmth of sun rays and take lots of photos!

Credits: sirio174

You can make a lot of experiments shooting in vertical format. Here, you can see some photos of the Cathedral of Como, an impressive war memorial, the “Monumento ai Caduti”, and a beautiful old tree in Viale Geno:

Credits: sirio174

In the package there are also three precious filters: UV (do not forget it if you are photographing at high altitudes in the mountains!), Yellow/Green (great for black and white photos), and Neutral Density (in case of strong light in order to lower the shutter speed so that create special effects with moving objects or running people)! There is so much to experiment with this wonderful machine!

Credits: sirio174

Without writing it on the walls, I could say: “My Horizon, you’re my whole life!” (in panoramic view!)

Note: Are you perplexed because most professional mini-labs are not able to scan the panoramic format (because they are limited to limited to 24×36mm format), and you need quickly the digitalized photos? Don’t worry, if you follow this tip (written in Italian), you can overcome the problem of digitization!

The Horizon Perfekt shoots images the length of two standard frames. With full aperture and shutter settings, this premium panoramic camera gives you total control over your shots. Prepare to be blown away by the amazing Horizon Perfekt, available here.

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  1. simonh82
    simonh82 ·

    I've just received my third Horizon (the first two had different faults), third time lucky! Despite this i'm still not put off, it is an amazing camera. Can't wait to use use it a bit more. I just wish I lived somewhere as beautiful as you do.

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