The Stories within Pictures #5: Children Know Better

2012-04-23 1

Vivid imagination, daydreaming, fantasy books, doodling and scribbling on the paper while listening to a boring lecture… Many of us probably have forgotten about the little things I mentioned and taking photos serves as a possibility to go back to trouble-free time of our life.

Most of the time, I work as a teacher and a researcher and the last month of the year 2011, I spent with a creative group of young students, who without knowing and realizing it, were able to take photos according 10 Golden Rules of Lomography.

“Children Know Better” was basically an idea which was presented by these students — they certainly know better in terms of storytelling and imagination, because even writers and artists try to copy children’s thinking or drawing.

During the analogue photography workshop, they were asked to prepare double exposures which would tell a short story and here are some of the stories and photos:

Alien in Tokyo
I came to the Earth from the planet Oritron and people scared me so much. I got lost in the overcrowded streets what frightened me even more. People – those monsters living on the Earth. Why is the earth so overcrowded? I sighed. So I called my home-planet and I asked them to send me some disguise.

A Boy
One day, we decided to go for a trip. We took a train and when we got off on the strange railway station I noticed a handsome blond-haired boy. Watching him, I forgot about the time and after I woke up from this blond-hair boy dream, my parents were gone and I was left alone on the train station. Frightened and without any hope, I was hardly able to think clearly. I was also wondering what the time might be and then it popped into my mind. “Call them!”

“Thanks God!” said mum to the phone and we were able to continue our trip.

My dear students, I hope that I will have a chance to cooperate with you again on some other nice project. Cheers!

Photo and words by Erika Grendelova. Originally from Slovakia, Erika now lives in the Czech Republic and travels a lot to UK and Finland. Read more articles from her series here.

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