Dreams Do Come True: adi_totp in India #2

2012-04-20 10

After spending an amazing day at Agra, adi_totp’s In India story continues to the Pink City. The Pink City? Of couse, it’s Jaipur! Say hello to Jaipur, the famous Pink City!


Taking an early morning from Agra to Jaipur was really hard because I have to fight with my tired eyes. Oh well, that’s the risk of travelling with a little amount of time but it was totally worth it! I arrived at 9 in the morning and it was so sunny in Jaipur!

Ali The Crazy Autorickshaw Driver

I met Ali ‘The Crazy Autorickshaw Driver’, sorry for using the word “Crazy”. I mean he’s really really enthusiastic and a fantastic autorickshaw driver. Also, he talks too much and talks about everything around Jaipur and that made me laugh so hard during my travel. That’s what happens when two crazy people meet! Yeah, I’m crazy and Ali is crazy too so we had a crazy time in Jaipur.

Traveling around Jaipur in an autoricksaw and Ali as the driver really really is an experience I will not forget. It’s fun when you talk with someone who is enthusiastic and talks a lot. First, Ali brought me to the Central Museum.

Central Museum

If you’re in Jaipur and you must go to Hawa Mahal. I spent hours in Hawa Mahal and indeed Hawa Mahal was a very beautiful palace. A nice place to relax and enjoy the street view of Jaipur.

The Famous View Of Hawa Mahal
Hawa Mahal

After Hawa Mahal, I went to Isnari and saw Jaipur from a bird’s eye view. WOW!

A View From the Top

But before I reach the top of Isnari, I have to walk hundreds of steps on the stairs. Totally worth it!

Stairs and Shoes

After walking hundreds of steps and taking hundreds of photos, I was hungry! So I went to this restaurant and ate alone. Good times!


A belly full of delicious food and the wind hitting my face, I was totally sleepy in the autorickshaw. Suddenly, Ali sang a song “DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY AND EAT CHICKEN CURRY!!”, he totally nailed it! He sang that song all over again and I sang along with him through the streets of Jaipur. “DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY AND EAT CHICKEN CURRY!!” Now I realized the lyrics should be “Don’t be sleepy, be happy and eat chicken curry!!” Haha.. Fun!

Shots taken in Autorickshaw

After our sing-along, I didn’t realize that I have already reached Royal Gaitor. At that time, there was no visitors and I was the only one there.

Royal Gaitor

After that, I walked hundreds of stairs again to see the view of Jaipur. I forgot the name but I think the name is the Sunset View. Here are some shots!

Sunset View
On the way to the city from Royal Gaitor

From Royal Gaitor, I went down to the city again but suddenly…. Ali’s autorickshaw ran out of gas! That’s really funny! Why is that funny? Because we were joking around and talking about fun stuff then the autorickshaw just stopped! I wasn’t panicking but I decided to help Ali and push his autorickshaw, hoping that the autorickshaw would start.

Shots during the “Run Out Of Gas” Moment
Ali’s Autorickshaw

We just walked through the streets of Jaipur and suddenly came another autorickshaw.. It was Syafiq, Ali’s cousin. A autorickshaw drivers as well!

Ali and Syafiq

Since they are cousins, Syafiq let Ali take his gasoline so the autorickshaw could start again. It was a funny experience! “Don’t worry and we got lucky”.

Autorickshaw Boys!

After filling the autorickshaw with gas, Ali took me around Jaipur, just sight-seeing the streets of Jaipur.

Streets Of Jaipur
Jaipur Junction

He dropped me at Jaipur Junction, the railway station. So I had a limited time but I managed to have these funny moments and it was unforgettable. Jaipur The Pink City and Ali The Crazy Autorickshaw Driver. So I made up these lyrics to sum up many moments in Jaipur.

“Don’t worry be happy and eat chicken curry!!”
“Don’t be sleepy, be happy and eat chicken curry!!”
“Don’t worry and we got lucky!!”

And that leads us to a classic line “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. Yes, you’ll be happy in Jaipur. Remember it’s Pink City not Pink Panther!

Your Lens Licker Friend, Adi

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  1. clare_eee
    clare_eee ·

    This is awesome! :D The song and the rickshaw running out of gas... Definitely was an adventure! And seems like you met a lot of interesting people! I'm so jealous... haha~

  2. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    @clare_eee thank you very much! hahaha.. the song is really funny! Ali sing it as if he's a pro singer! Extremely funny! Haha.. Yes! I met a lot of people in Jaipur, its a great experience :D . You should visit Jaipur one day! The Pink City!

  3. clare_eee
    clare_eee ·

    @adi_totp :D you're welcome! you should've recorded it.. XD I wanna listen! haha maybe one day I will visit Jaipur~ thanks for the awesome article!

  4. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    @clare_eee hahaha.. I have to text Ali so you could the original song from him, it's quiet catchy and funny song! .. yeah, you should :D Hope you go there one day! you're welcome :)

  5. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    jalan2 sendiri yg ga kerasa sendirian ya di? ayey!

  6. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    @istionojr AYEY!! Bener no! Nagih loh nagih! Mesir lah kita!

  7. neja
    neja ·

    Very cool!!!

  8. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    @neja Thanks Julija ;D

  9. grazie
    grazie ·

    Jaipur is a dream for me :)

  10. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Bahaha kebayang itu lagu chicken curry kalo di Bandung don't worry be happy eating sambal tarasi =)

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