Ultimate Seoul Matrix in Amsterdam


Fifteen people standing in a circle, in every hand they’re holding an analogue camera… There’s a man in a white Teakwando suit standing in a slide… What on earth is going on here!? Well, the Seoul Matrix Amsterdam of course!

Credits: lomographybenelux

It was pretty cold outside but that didn’t stop us! We got together and made the ultimate Seoul LomoMatrix! The Johnny Jordaansquare was a perfect location. More then enough space for some roundhouse kicks that would make Chuck Norris jealous!

Now, fifteen people with cameras and a guy in a white suit, that does attract attention. One of the innocent bystanders got to star in the Matrix as well with one of our La Sardina’s in her hand.

Credits: lomographybenelux

After weeks of waiting it’s finally here though, the animated LomoMatrix! Everyone who helped out: THANK YOU! And a super special thanks for Ehud who edited the final material into one shiny LomoMatrix!

Attention: During the MadNes festival on the little island Ameland we’ll be back and we’ll make yet another epic LomoMatrix! This one will be super duper special though! We\ ll be making the bear perfect professional LomoMatrix XL! Want to be part of it? Then come along and take all your friends with you to the MadNes festival that takes place from June 29th to July 1st 2012!

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