City Silhouettes by Jasper James


Can you believe that these city silhouette photos are not multiple exposures? Beijing photographer Jasper James’ technique was to superimpose the portraits with the cityscapes using light and reflected glass! See more photos below and create shots like these with the La Sardina’s handy MX switch!

Photo by Jasper James

Beijing’s population has skyrocketed to over 20 million inhabitants, and London-Beijing-based photographer Jasper James captures the metro tastefully by juxtaposing the megacity with the individuals who live in it.

Photos by Jasper James

The technique of shooting multiple exposures is a photographer favorite because it’s like killing two birds with one stone. Well, more like capturing two shots in one frame. As seen in the City Silhouettes series by James, each photo shows two subjects as well as two styles—portraits and cityscapes.

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James’ travels through China were the inspiration for this series, which gives us bird’s eye views with an unusual perspective. Using light and reflections from glass, James illustrates a picture of the city through the person viewing it, creating a familiar silhouette with splendid results.

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    Amazingly done. I would like to watch the artist in process.

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    awesome and inspiring!!

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    so beautiful!

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    the mx switch is such an awesome feature, but I don't think it's the best for this. It's good for 2 subsequent frames, but if I had to try doing this, I'd just shoot through and entire cartridge and then respool so that I'm not confined to shooting at that particular site

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    fantastic shots!

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    I'm a fan!

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