Don’t LOOK and REpublish: Lomo Amigo Daphne and the LC-Wide


It started with a test run of the Lomo LC-Wide and we ended up with a new Lomo Amigo! Photographer Daphne Channa Horn took the LC-Wide with her for 6 months and shot her own series. Resulting in something special, unique and inspiring!

You might even remember her. In the summer op 2011 Daphne took the Lomo LC-Wide and gave it a critical once over. Back then she shot her own series that you can find here: don't LOOK - do not publish. We where completely hooked and asked her to become an official Lomo Amigo! Meet Daphne!

Don’t LOOK and REpublish!

Name: Daphne Channa Horn
City: Amsterdam
Country: Nederland – global digital citizen

Tell the community a little bit about yourself. What do you do in your spare time and what do you do for a living?
Photography is my life. I’m a professional photographer, visual huntress and I walk on two feet. One foot is my big activist one, the other one a little capitalist.

As an activist I’m mostly found in the social-humanistic documentary area. I’ve made series about how people use Twitter in the Netherlands, the LGBT-Queer community in Amsterdam and recently I made a inside-out series about Occupy Amsterdam.

My capitalist side makes portraits of artists, scientists, entrepreneurs and companies, But I also make series of social media fit pictures for people on demand. Next to all of this I’m an online brand photographer and I do come consulting for companies on how to use visual storytelling.

This year I’ll be celebrating my 25th aniversary when it comes to photography! I’ve started when I was 12 with an old Olympus OM-10 that my dad gave me. Back then the Olympus was a solid semi-professional SLR camera. I learned how to tweak it, change lenses, perspective and I pretty much changed everything I could around to see what it did. I used to shoot a lot of slide film, preferably Kodak. I still love film and I’m mostly using TriX400 B&W by Kodak in my Leica.

Have you been a Lomographer very long? (or is this entirely new to you)?
I’m a newbie, a starting Lomographer and I love to combine old techniques with new inventions. Polaroid, instand, hybrid, Lomo. All of it. Collecting old camera’s is a big passion of mine, The Zorki (the Russian poor man’s Leica) had it’s home on my camera shelf. I also have a Fuji FP-1 profi on order and I have tested the Lomo LC-Wide!.

I also have an Actionsampler, but it wasn’t untill the LC-Wide that I stopped thinking and started just shooting. It was a really liberating experience, I loved it!

What does a normal day of yours look like?
I get up early, drink coffee, cuddle with my cat Neelix. Then I check Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and my mail. Right now I’m struggling through 20000 photographs for my first book, so you can find me in my Lightroom archive mostly.

How did you like shooting with the Lomo LC-Wide and what did your friends and fans think about the camera and it’s pictures?
Together with Nadia Amin, a Dutch actrice, I went to the NDSM harbor near the IJ in Amsterdam. I love to document things with my cameras so I asked her to just look into the camera. You can see the result down here and make up your own mind.

What was the weirdest, funniest or just coolest experience you had during the shoot of this series?
The waiting. You still have to wait after development how things turn out and that’s can be surprising and nerve wrecking. But after scanning the satisfaction is tremendous.

If you had to pick a soundtrack for this series, what would it be?
Daft Punk – Something About Us!

✘ Youtube:

What else is on your planner the upcoming months? Anything cool you’re looking forward too and want to share?
My first photobook: ‘’. It’s scheduled to be released after the summer of 2012. Other then that I’m mostly shooting series and I’d love to start selling my own stories. I’m also aiming for more work abroad in the future. Preferably in areas where there are people struggling through crisis. There stories about human rights need to be told.

What is your advice for future Lomo LC-Wide photographers?
Be brave, pick up that camera and go. Take it with you anywhere you go and just shoot, you can always ask questions later!

Want to know more about Daphne Channa Horn? Follow her on twitter (@ikbendaf).

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    Uhh denk dat er iets niet goed is gegaan. Deze staat nu in het Nederlandse magazine terwijl ik het Engelse artikel krijg

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