Nostalgic and Memorable Places of Mine

2012-04-17 2

It’s known that B&W gives that special tone, that magical atmosphere, which sends us into a journey to the past. No need for black-and-white film for this journey as these locations of mine are “back to the past” by itself. I’ll try not to cry while I’m writing this article.

Such as monochrome give us a nostalgic and mysterious kind of atmosphere, I thought that I would come out with my childhood memories as the time I spent looking around this train station. The suburb I grew up and live in has dubbed it its “Station”. It’s a small, alive, and joyful place to live in. The real train station is the symbol of my old times as a child and as a teenager, it’s my place of refuge. However, I played a lot with my friends over there, but mainly, as the years went by, I passed sometime just watching the sights enchanted by all that silence. Yes, the train traffic has decreased a lot over the last decade at this station. Still it remains the same, although it has been an object of work during the past years.

My other favorite location is my parent’s house. It symbolizes my growth, happiness and fun. It has a lot of space and nature to discover at the garden. When I am alone, I’ll spend a lot of time in this garden, watching plants and ants. It has some small lawn places. All of them have its special identity and special stories to tell. It exists as an esplanade where we usually have our barbecue lunch during summer weekends. It’s surrounded by ivy…and some bird’s nests! It can be so peaceful too.

So, although I’m basically always at that place, I have to recognize that those times are gone. Guess I’ll have to arrange for some new memorable times.

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  1. trw
    trw ·

    I think b&w gives you the real essence of a place without the distraction of color. Nice article!

  2. sprofishgel
    sprofishgel ·

    @trw : Indeed my friend, indeed :) thank you !

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