LomoKino Premiere Deluxe: Cool Vs. Hot

2012-04-15 2

See whose movie is it which snagged the title for the best LomoKino masterpiece! Our Director’s chair is waiting to be occupied!

If you felt that subtle change in temperature recently, it could only mean one thing, yes, spring is here once again! It’s what they say – now is the time for great beginnings and such! Since we’re in a bright and unclouded mood, we present you with another analogue masterpiece that will absolutely affect you in such a frolicsome manner!

What the Jury said:

It is just an adorably rehashed-version on re-telling the story regarding the nobility and bravery of a Samurai – even with the most modern ammunition, it can’t bring a vigilant and unrelenting swordsman down! Likely a metaphor for us film shooters, huh? A very amusing movie done with the LomoKino that is worth watching until the end!

With this, Gangan will be receiving massive heap of piggies worth 50 points and the much coveted LomoKino Premiere Deluxe badge to be pinned in his Home!


Do you think you have what it takes to be the best Lomokino director there is? Or just want to have your movie seen here next? Then get them shortlisted by adding a tag of “lomokino nominee” on it and it will be automatically included in the running for our Lomokino Premiere Deluxe!

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  1. gangan
    gangan ·

    Yeah! I got it!!
    Thank you soooooooooooo much!!
    Please enjoy my movie!!!

  2. gocchin
    gocchin ·


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