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2012-04-13 1

This week’s featured Analogue Lifestyle article is “Livin’ Life with My La Sardina: A Loyal Friend” by community member fernanda-breder from Brazil. After her trusty Olympus Trip broke, she decided it was high time to get her first Lomography camera. When she finally did, it never left her side!

“And so the La Sardina cameras came out. The El Captain immediately got my attention. Red has always been my favorite color and I’ve always loved the sea, that was the whole theme for the first four sardinas. I just had to have it. And that was it. Since then, the La Sardina never left my side.”

Photos by fernanda-breder

“Some of my friends called me crazy. “Why waste money on film? If you want vintage photos, why not use a filter or something?” Because I didn’t want “vintage photos.” I wanted the fun of analogue photography. The surprises."

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We picked this submission by fernanda-breder because, despite being a Lomography newbie, she’s really taken analogue photography to heart! She keeps the Golden Rules in mind, explores all the La Sardinas features when shooting, and she’s even found a way to troubleshoot the quirks of the Fritz the Blitz flash! She has truly found a friend in her El Capitan.

(Check out the new La Sardina Splendour!)

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