Try Your Luck At The Lomography Slot Machine!


Are your lucky stars shining down on you tonight? Act on it and play the Lomography Slot Machine! Until April 22, you can win some discount coupons that you can use in the Online Shop!

Photo by: ankos

It’s really easy. Drop by the Lomography website cover page and spot a winning combo to earn discount vouchers. These can be used in the Online Shop, valid for a 24 hour period only. The slot machine will be in full operation until April 22, so make sure not to miss this!

  1. Head to the Lomography Website Homepage where you’ll find the lovely Lomography slot machine.
  2. Once you’re on the page, the slot machine will automatically turn on! Keep your eyes peeled for a 3-of-a kind combination – It could be 3 images of a Diana F+, a La Sardina or any other Lomography item. There are a whole bunch of different coupons that you can get, so you can try as many times as you want to win what you wish for!
  3. If you’re lucky enough to get a winning combo, you’ll be shown a coupon that entitles you to a delicious discount on the camera group your image corresponds to. Just head to the Lomography Online Shop and enter your winning code in the ‘Discount Codes’ section at the checkout to save!

Try your luck now!

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  1. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    YEAH!! :D

  2. carlota_nonnumquam
    carlota_nonnumquam ·

    @shhquiet Will the discount codes be different everyday? Will there be different codes for different cameras on the other following days or will they always be the same percentages and cameras every day? Thanks!

  3. mfuchs
    mfuchs ·

    I thought the same thing ;)

  4. dhartje
    dhartje ·

    Can we use more than one code at a time? I have 3 already :)

  5. gelibee
    gelibee ·

    Hey guys, If you find a discount code, be sure to use it fast! Each code is only valid for 24 hours. The Slot Machine will end on Sunday 22nd April. ;)

  6. carlota_nonnumquam
    carlota_nonnumquam ·

    @gelibee Will the discount values be the same everyday? The discounts for today were the same as yesterday, I want to place an order but I don't know if I should do it today and use one of today's codes or if I should wait to see if there are better codes in the next few days

  7. carlota_nonnumquam
    carlota_nonnumquam ·

    @gelibee Also, on the email Lomography sent to the newsletter an on the official Lomography Facebook it says "win discounts and free cameras" can we really get codes for free cameras in the Slot Machine? Because in this article and next to the Slot Machine description only discount are mentioned.

  8. hytone
    hytone ·

    Yeah, it's kind of odd that the e-mail mentioned "free Lomography cameras" and yet it's not mentioned anywhere else.

  9. joaomiguelsantoscunha
    joaomiguelsantoscunha ·

    @gelibee Hello, can we really get cameras? I've been trying for a long time, and got everything multiple times, and nothing.

  10. purplevelveteen
    purplevelveteen ·

    @gelibee I was wondering the same thing. Are there coupons for free cameras?

  11. joaomiguelsantoscunha
    joaomiguelsantoscunha ·

    Hello, everyone, I finally did get a coupon for a camera, thinking i was being too lucky, and that's the word: "too". the code came with a message saying that if it dind't work someone got it first and used it. but i question: i do we really know this? i really don't find it fair, or very nice...

  12. joaomiguelsantoscunha
    joaomiguelsantoscunha ·

    and i can tell the code and the camera.

  13. joaomiguelsantoscunha
    joaomiguelsantoscunha ·

    how do we know it is not a fake code? really don't find this very nice.

  14. joaomiguelsantoscunha
    joaomiguelsantoscunha ·

    and by the way, got it twice. so...

  15. masouza
    masouza ·

    what was the code and the camera then?

  16. joaomiguelsantoscunha
    joaomiguelsantoscunha ·

    @masouza this one: La Sardina – Sapphire Serpent, i got with all "bar" strike

  17. gelibee
    gelibee ·

    Hi guys! Just keep the analogue spirit and wait for the perfect moment to win loads of Lomography goodies! Just keep on playing and enjoy while you're at it! :)

  18. yellowampersand
    yellowampersand ·

    Happy to share what I found:
    TWOPAIR4564 (for cherry trio) -- 20% off film
    LUCKYSTREAK6622 (for La Sardina trio) -- 15% off La Sardina cameras
    FOURTHSTREET1992 (for Diana trio) -- 15% off Diana camera
    FIRSTBASE6845 (for trio of sevens) --10% off your order
    ACES1882 (for bar trio) -- 15% off your order

    No free camera though.. ;)

  19. carlota_nonnumquam
    carlota_nonnumquam ·

    The discounts are always the same everyday, they have been the same for the past 3 days :( What is the point in making the discounts limited to 24 hours if the next day it will be exactly the same discounts with different codes? It doesn't really make us think "I have to be quick to use this discount because it will be over in 24 hours" because we know the day after we will have exactly the same discounts!

  20. joaomiguelsantoscunha
    joaomiguelsantoscunha ·

    @carlota_nonnumquam and the "camera code" comes with a very nice message that makes us doubt about it, quite disappointed with this game.

  21. gumdropmenace
    gumdropmenace ·

    Yeah, the whole thing about the camera code is super sketch. I'm disappointed.

  22. joaomiguelsantoscunha
    joaomiguelsantoscunha ·

    @gumdropmenace imagine me, when i got it twice and didn't work. i was already thinking i was being too lucky. and it happens i was.

  23. emuhleestarr
    emuhleestarr ·

    So can we get a free camera or is the 'free camera' thing a scam?

  24. joaomiguelsantoscunha
    joaomiguelsantoscunha ·

    @emuhleestarr that's been the question for a while. for my experience it didn't work

  25. saramwrap
    saramwrap ·

    Are there official rules for this promotion? As far as I can tell from the page source and the javascript for the slot machine (which are totally transparent for anyone to view if they know how to look), there are just the five promotional codes that are listed above - no variation, no free cameras. I'm sure your programmers are savvy, it could be a hidden winning condition... but after a few hundred clicks and reading this thread, I'm not even sure what I'm playing to win!

  26. joaomiguelsantoscunha
    joaomiguelsantoscunha ·

    @saramwrap @emuhleestarr @gumdropmenace @masouza - but again it never worked for me, and i got twice. and then i got tree "bar" again and there was nothing there... so i think it was a temporary code. but never work, not the first neither the second time i got it. almost one after the other. that's what makes me disappointed with this way of acting, because a code with a message saying: if it doesn't work someone got there first... is almost like saying: I'm fake!!! cause you simply don't know. and there are ways of having it appear just once. so i don't understand and i'm really disappointed

  27. joaomiguelsantoscunha
    joaomiguelsantoscunha ·

    @saramwrap @emuhleestarr @gumdropmenace @masouza - the code was: 777FREE777 for this camera: La Sardina – Sapphire Serpent, and i got it with all "bar" strike

  28. emuhleestarr
    emuhleestarr ·

    Did the code not work then?

  29. saramwrap
    saramwrap ·

    Ah, I assume these codes are being updated daily - they just changed for me. :)

    This might also indicate that they randomly (manually or automatically) hide a free camera code in there, first-come, first-served.

    I still wish there were some official terms and conditions, I know they want us to keep playing as much as possible, but my clicking finger gets tired! ;)

  30. joaomiguelsantoscunha
    joaomiguelsantoscunha ·

    @saramwrap codes changed this morning. because at 9am were the same codes as yesterday, but then they changed later in the morning cause i tried again this afternoon and they were different. never the less, the camera code is disappointed, because they can make it appear for just one person if they wish it

  31. joaomiguelsantoscunha
    joaomiguelsantoscunha ·


  32. saramwrap
    saramwrap ·

    @joaomiguelsantoscunha If the programming actually works like I think it does, having looked at the code... I'm not sure it actually is sophisticated to display different codes to different people. That could explain the "if you use it first" situation - if they are temporarily making one of the strikes a camera winner (instead of just a discount), it could display for quite a few people before they change it back! It's a pretty simple Java slot machine program.

    But I agree - disappointing if you do "win" and then can't use the code. The game is good fun, unless you're set up for a lot of people to be vying for a single code.

  33. joaomiguelsantoscunha
    joaomiguelsantoscunha ·

    @saramwrap the programming may be simple, but at the same time when you get a message like that it makes you doubt, and that's what i think is disapointing. cause now, there's doubt. i keep playing, and participating and probably for nothing because it can be fake. when you spend this much time as i did and still do, i don't find it fair to be treated like this. Honestly you will ever know, and that's enough to make it disapointing.... they shouldn't treat the community like this

  34. emuhleestarr
    emuhleestarr ·

    Any luck?

  35. joaomiguelsantoscunha
    joaomiguelsantoscunha ·

    @emuhleestarr no, and not couting on it. that's way i feel it is so unfair. because yesterday i played all day and finally got it, and then nothing. i keep playing, but not couting on it, cause my chance was yesterday... i find it a very bad treatment from Lomography...

  36. ahebrewprincess
    ahebrewprincess ·

    Has anyone gotten a free camera yet?

  37. ahebrewprincess
    ahebrewprincess ·

    Ok people. I gotten all possible combinations on the slot machine and THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREE CAMERAS. Proven them myself.

  38. carlota_nonnumquam
    carlota_nonnumquam ·

    I think they do put up camera codes during specific times of the day and the other 5 codes are up all day. The main problem is the lack of consistent official rules that were not given to us. This article and the description next to the slot machine only talks about discount codes that are valid for 24 hours, then suddently an image is sent to the newsletter and the same image shows up on Facebook mentioning free cameras. Then a user finds an already used free camera code twice. However, don't the official rules on this website state the codes are valid for 24 hours? It's not really fair to suddently add single-use codes when that is not right according to the rules. Of course no one is expecting Lomography to give out thousands of free cameras, but at least make the free camera codes very rare to find or available for just a fews seconds, just don't make them single use when you say all the codes are valid for 24 hours, that's inconsistent and the community ends up getting frustrated instead of having fun with this game. Oh and pleaseee add 20% discount codes for the whole order like you had on the Safari Hunt! I've been waiting for one of those for the past days! :)

  39. saramwrap
    saramwrap ·

    Okay, I finally found a free camera code... and it's not valid anymore. "Hurray! You won today's special item a Diana F+ ButterCup or Zebra - Race over to the shop and use the Voucher Code LUCKYHAND (If this Code is not working, somebody was faster than you, You still get 15% off all Diana Cameras today with the voucher code JOKER7171" It was inserted in place of the usual prize for striking three Diana cameras. I wonder how many people tried to use it?

  40. saramwrap
    saramwrap ·

    @emuhleestarr - We have no way to know, but it's definitely a crummy situation. That code has been up for at least 10 minutes now, maybe more, and I've struck it twice - I assume hundreds of other people have, too. If this promotion is meant to make people want to buy more from Lomography, I'm not convinced that it works. I keep spinning for the big prize, and then when I found it and it didn't work, it's not like I'm buying anything else! ;)

  41. emuhleestarr
    emuhleestarr ·

    That's no fair! I just got the free camera code too! :( This is just a giant ripoff, I'll bet that they're just saying someone got to it first. No one is getting a free camera.

  42. saramwrap
    saramwrap ·

    And that free camera code is gone, the Diana line strike is back to the 15% discount coupon code. At least now I have confirmation of how this works!

  43. joaomiguelsantoscunha
    joaomiguelsantoscunha ·

    @saramwrap have you noticed one is out of stock? though they give free codes for it?

  44. joaomiguelsantoscunha
    joaomiguelsantoscunha ·

    People it is the same thing as for the first time i told you about... these free codes are very very interesting... Lomography playing us

  45. saramwrap
    saramwrap ·

    @joaomiguelsantoscunha - Both the Buttercup and Zebra seem to be in stock right now. Maybe as people were frantically adding them to their carts, it made the system think they were going out of stock?

  46. joaomiguelsantoscunha
    joaomiguelsantoscunha ·

    @saramwrap i don't know, and i don't care anymore. this is not a fair way of treating us, and i'm really disapointed... we played for hours, we tried... and then we get it and it doesn't work? seriously???? they had to make it fair, and they had many ways of doing it. of course they wouldn't give cameras to everyone, but if they show a code, it has to work. they should have arranged a way of making it appear once, or for a short period of time and live with the consequence... i'm a beginner in this, just bought my Recesky very cheap camera and started shooting... but i love it, and i love the community... this shop is where the community comes, but there's still several analogue toy cameras shops around where we can choose to go, maybe less expensive, maybe nicer for us... after all is the community that makes the Lomo movement, not them... and by the way: how strange is it that many people came forward saying they had a code not working, and no one shouted "i won!!"... things that make me think, as if it wasn't enough the little message that comes with the codes...

  47. saramwrap
    saramwrap ·

    @joaomiguelsantoscunha - I totally agree with you that it's disappointing and not a fair way of running a promotion. If they made the programming of the slot machine more sophisticated, it could make the game better and more fair (showing a code to one person, making sure people don't all see an already-used code). I showed this slot machine to a friend who's a Java programmer and he thought it was a pretty terrible idea for a contest because it was so simple and would do things like this to people. I hope Lomo will read our comments as constructive criticism, and make future contests better. I still love my Lomo cameras, and the tips and community and people I find here... but this has been a really disappointing experience.

  48. jarodfwh
    jarodfwh ·

    any1 knew what was the 3 bar for today for the slot?

  49. saramwrap
    saramwrap ·

    Holy crap, I think I have a success story! Found a code for a Diana Mini Coral Fusion, applied it to my cart and checked out for just the shipping price! Everything seems to be going through like it should. So... if you just found a code and it didn't work, the "somebody was faster" was probably me. But it does mean the codes are real, and randomly added once or more per day!

  50. joaomiguelsantoscunha
    joaomiguelsantoscunha ·

    @saramwrap i'm happy you got it. i just gave up a long time ago.

  51. ahebrewprincess
    ahebrewprincess ·

    @saramwrap congrats on your free camera!

    I wonder if there are more...

  52. vandal
    vandal ·

    CROUPIER8254 - 15% off La Sardina camera's (MOVE FAST !!!)
    ROYALFLUSH6633 - 15% off Diana camera's (MOVE FAST !!!)
    WAGER9332 - 15% off Lomokino camera's (MOVE FAST !!!)
    HIGHSTAKES9272 - 10% off your order (MOVE FAST !!!)

  53. carlota_nonnumquam
    carlota_nonnumquam ·

    I found a code for the Diana F+ Neptune Green yesterday but somebody had already been faster than me to use it :(

  54. kelly_panda
    kelly_panda ·

    Just got a code for a Fisheye No. 2 Faded Denim but it didn't work. It's a damn shame they couldn't fulfil each free camera code. Must be a lot of disappointed Lomographers out there.

  55. joaomiguelsantoscunha
    joaomiguelsantoscunha ·

    @kelly_panda as you can see from the conversations above, there are

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