Best LomoKino Videos of the Week: The Kids are Alright


Had enough of those digital apps that you can play on those fancy gadgets and have your fingers touch and mash its screen literally? But the analogue kids these days would rather do something else…

This is something Lomographers are good at – to play! A kind of speciality that seems to come out naturally off us. To run out of excuses to play is just an unthinkable occurrence, it is just impossible! May it be just lounging inside the house and being lazy or running around the park while enjoying the bright spring sun outside, there’s no stopping us! The analogue world is one big playground for all!

If there’s any essential toy for us to play with, it’s the LomoKino camera, of course! With it, things can get way more exciting and fun! And it doesn’t discriminate – kids of all ages (even the not-so-young, ahem.) will definitely have a good time, as seen on these Best Movies of the Week!

✘ Vimeo:

Enter a new analogue dimension with the LomoKino. Lomography’s own 35mm analogue movie camera allows you to capture action and immortalize your story on film! Shoot 144 frames on any 35mm film and create your own cinematic masterpieces. Want to watch your movie the old-school way? We also offer the LomoKino and LomoKinoscope package!

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