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2012-04-14 1

This cool Tipster shows us an alternative to shooting with the Pop9. This makes taking photos twice the fun! Find out what our Tipster of the Week is all about!

Credits: rosebud82

Using the Pop9 is fun enough as it is! But what can you do to make your images even more interesting? Our Tipster of the Week will show you how you can modify the camera so that you can come up with different results! Best of all, the modification is not permanent so you can always go back to shooting with the camera the regular way.

“The Pop 9 is a great little camera which produces 9 identical images on one 35mm frame, and, as Lomography says, instantaneously transforms the environment around you into explosions of pattern-repeating pop-art! But what happens if you would like to experiment with it a bit more to give you different results?”

Credits: rosebud82

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  1. rosebud82
    rosebud82 ·

    Woo hoo, thanks guys! Glad everyone is enjoying it!

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