Seagull 4B-I: Takes Beautiful 6x6 Photos


Let me tell you about the Seagull 4B-1, a full manual medium format TLR camera from China that takes beautiful photos.

The Seagull 4B-I is a twin-lens reflex camera, also called a TLR camera. This mysterious camera comes from China and uses medium format film.

It requires no batteries and works completely manual—no auto focus and no exposure meter. Although some knowledge on this camera’s functions is necessary, you have full control over the camera.

Although this does not simply mean that you can pull the trigger quickly, you will be rewarded with fantastic pictures.

You should learn how to measure exposure, set the aperture, select shutter speed, look through the viewfinder, put the subject into focus, span shutter, compose the image (check again to make sure everything is in place), shoot and then wind the film.

Compared with the Lubitel 166B, the focusing is really a dream. The bright viewfinder and the button on the side make it very easy to keep your subject in focus.

Now, here are some pictures, as pictures speak louder than words:

Now, here are a few facts about the Seagull. The Seagull 4B-1 is produced in China, and probably based from the Rolleicord, a TLR from Rollei.

It has two lenses and a maximum aperture of f/3.5. The lens is arranged in 3 groups and has a focal length of 75mm. The exposure times range from 1s to 1/300s. A bulb mode for long-term exposures should not be missed.

The Seagull exposes a 6×6 big image on medium format film to make square images. Even a flash can be connected to the camera. The trigger is unfortunately close to the lens, so it’s possible to quickly slip a finger into the picture once in a while. A connector for a cable release and a tripod thread cannot be missed. The self-timer makes self-portraits possible.

For those who want to learn something more about photography, this camera makes for a good introduction.

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    Fantastic, I was considering this camera at one time but it was not easy to acquire. After your review, if I see one I will be sure to pick it up.

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