European Juggling Convention in Vitoria


It must take a lot of time to do those things! It would be a nice opportunity to visit that country. You won’t be disappointed!

Juggling is a physical human skill involving the movement of one or more objects, usually through the air, for entertainment or sport ( During the second week of july, Vitoria turned into a big open space circus. Jugglers from all over Europe came for the European Convention in a place called Mendizabala organised by the EJC, just 10 minutes walking south from the center of town. Of course, the spot was not only the main camp but all around the city you were be able to see jugglers showing their skills.

Someones have stayed here for the summer, as far as I know and you can still see them on squares, parks and zebra crossings. I thought juggling was some kind of street art, always made by hippies and sometimes bothering, when you are drinking something on a terrace an someones comes to ask you for money even when you haven’t noticed him. But I was wrong, they are perfect artists, making things I couldn’t do in my life, even if I gave up shooting pictures and using all that time training. I went to a show of 2 french guys playing with music, (great music) balls, sticks and rings. It was wonderful, so good that I forgot to take a lot of pictures of the show. So what I did, was to stay still at the door at the end of the show and shoot people going in and out the place. The result is quite obvious but you can notice the good atmosphere. People were open-minded, kids walking barefoot…

The official acts took place in Mendizabala with a camping site and a circus big top. So, if you want to participate in the next convention, it will take place in Finland (

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