Mad Russian Scientist: Buy a Russian Camera and get a free Zenit Door Spy!


The quest continues as our mad scientist pan_dre shares some snippets into his journal of Russian deadstock camera experiments!

Analogue Triumph, Here we Come!
Ladies and gentlemen, don’t stop believin’! As long as we’ve got our Russian Deadstocks in hand, we are very well on our way to analogue triumph! Ha ha! Don’t hesitate, step inside my basement, and join my cause – let’s continue to experiment with these superior Russian analogue materials in the hopes of winning the fight against digital terror!

Cellar Diaries
It’s been a series of hard days and nights, and I’ve been working like a dog. But! Everything is paying off, as you can see … my thorough research and obsessive reading leaves me no choice but to tinker with these fine Russians. First, the specs; now, it’s time to experiment!

LOMO 135

12.10.08 – 4:35am

The flowing bottle of Nostalgia ends with one gulp. I’m having another LOMO 135 panic attack. Smooth metal. Razor-sharp. Lens – like clockwork. This baby’s got me all shook up, that I have decided to do some more fiddling and twiddling …

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23.01.09 – 3:26am

There is an ongoing war against digital, and I am hell-bent on winning it. Smuggled secret camera … they call it Zenit-C, one of the very first SLR cameras ever. I have seen its true face – we are the last of our kind and people are afraid! Time to play and experiment with this bottomloader beast!

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