One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Nerdbot

2012-04-12 2

Most couples like to spend their time traveling, dining, or just relaxing at home. But not Missouri-based Nicholas and Angela of Nerdbots. The lovebirds spend their weekends at junkyards and thrift stores, rummaging through scrap materials for their next robotic creation.

Photo via nerdbots

It was love at first build for Kansas couple Nicholas and Angela. The twosome have an odd obsession with all things robotic and, one day, they decided that all they wanted to do was make babies. Robot babies, that is.

Photo via nerdbots

They started by searching scrapyards and antique shops for materials, then they put together the random bits and pieces to make the cute little cyborgs. From Polaroid cameras and tape recorders, to electric plugs and metal chunks, virtually anything can be an android appendage!

Photos via nerdbots

Since then, Nicholas and Angela have made many robotic babies. Visit Nerdbots to adopt your own robot friend!

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  1. iloveyousummer
    iloveyousummer ·

    yup I agree every robot is awesome.

  2. pudding-and-pie
    pudding-and-pie ·

    That's cool, I like the last little blue one :)

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