Quiet Conversations: Katie Cooke’s Pinhole Photos

2012-04-16 1

Katie Cooke is an artist and photographer who mainly uses pinhole cameras when taking photos. She comes up with these mysterious images that seem to tell a story. Find out more after the break.

Photo © Katie Cooke via Slowlight

Katie Cooke, an artist from Scotland, has come up with different collections for her pinhole photography. She makes use of the traditional and alternative processes for printing photos. Her interest in pinhole photograph started one summer when she was stuck at home while recuperating from a hip replacement. It was hard for her to use her crutches and handle her SLR camera at the same time so she thought of using a pinhole to take photos so she wouldn’t have to hold a camera in her hand.

She sees pinhole photography as how we often build our impression on someone. The exposures that go on for several minutes or even hours can be likened to how we get a glimpse of someone’s personality. We do it over time – not a split second. For some years now, Katie Cooke has been working on portraits and experimenting with movement and stillness. Unlike objects, people create small movements in a span of a minute even when trying to keep still. These are the little things – the quiet conversations — that she tries to capture with her pinhole camera

View some of Katie Cooke’s pinhole photos on the gallery below:

Photos © Katie Cooke via Slowlight

You can see more of her work by visiting her website. Sources for this article include Chris Keeney, and Slowlight.

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