La Sardina: The Life of the Party!


I reckon the La Sardina is the perfect camera for a party or hitting up the bar or club. Let me tell you why I think this wide eyed wonder will be the runway hit of any shindig!

I’ve had the La Sardina for a while now. But only recently, I started bringing it out with me to where I think many people would think is the worst place to shoot: in the dark, dingy corners of a nightclub. But in the end, I absolutely loved the photos I ended up with. Check it out!

Credits: saysaysay

So why do I think the La Sardina is perfect for a party?

The flash it comes with is incredibly powerful.

They’re not kidding when they said that the Fritz the Blitz flash is the most powerful Lomography flash ever. Even in a pitch dark club where sometimes I can’t even see my own hand, the flash works perfectly to light up my pictures. No wasted underexposed shots here!

Plus, the colour filters it comes with make for interesting and super easy experimentation. What I did was multi-expose my shots with different coloured filters on each photo. So easy, but I think it elevates the pictures to the next level!

Credits: saysaysay

The wide angle lens lets you squeeze more in.

Got a big group of friends? No problem! A wide angled lens allows for more people to be in one photo!

Credits: saysaysay

Easy focus settings makes it great for self portraits.
Always the designated photographer and never see yourself in photos? Hey, you can do-it-yourself! :)

Credits: saysaysay

The funky designs complete your outfit.

The La Sardina comes in many stylish different designs like the Pattern Editions and Western Editions. You don’t want to look out of place in that cool party, do you? My La Sardina Beluga sure makes a fashion statement on its own.

This friendly looking sardine can never intimidates.

I’ve found that nobody can resist posing for a photo when they see this curious looking fella. It makes people smile!

Credits: saysaysay

So next time you’re out for a night on the town, why not bring the La Sardina along with you? It’s my party and I’ll go Lomo if I want to!

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