Kodak Elite Chrome EBX 100: A Slide Film with Extra Color

2012-04-20 2

This slide film delivers beautifully saturated colors, especially when cross-processed. Everyone should try this film!

Kodak Elite Chrome EBX 100 is a slide film from Kodak. It promises, as the name suggests, great saturated colors. It is only available in 35mm film and is an alternative for medium format is the Kodak Ektachrome 100VS.

Whether it also produces the “right” juicy colors, I cannot decide yet. I can say though that when cross-processed in C-41, it really rocks! It’s not cheap, but your money invested is really worth it.

What is immediately striking about the pictures with the EBX are the vibrant colors and fine grain. The colors shift from green to yellow colors and the contrasts explode to infinity. On lush greenery, you can not get enough. The great color saturation is what’s fascinating about this film.

I photographed with this film in Venice using the LC-A+. The film blends perfectly with the channels in the Italian city.

Unfortunately Kodak has discontinued all slide films, which also affects the Kodak Elite Chrome EBX 100.
It’s a real crime to stop the production of this film. I’m going to miss this great x-Pro-style, which it yields when developed in the color negative chemistry. As long as it is still available, you should test it. I will definitely save some of my rolls.

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  1. dollymixture
    dollymixture ·

    Great article : ) I love this film, thankfully I've stocked up on it and will definitely save some for special occasions : ) I wish I could find another slide film like this one, was so sad to hear Kodak have discontinued it.

  2. asmeuk
    asmeuk ·

    @dollymixture You can find website that still sell it. If you want I send to you a link to Digit Photo to buy some.

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