PN 929: A Small Plastic Camera for Pseudo Panoramas

2012-05-10 1

The PN 929 is a little plastic camera that can create pseudo-panoramas. Let me tell you about this great little camera after the jump!

I got this camera when I purchased some other cameras. Much is unknown about the PN 929. It’s very inexpensive and the camera was most likely made in China. The PN 929 is used with standard 35mm film.

It is about the size of the LC-A and is made​ of cheap plastic. However, it’s slightly thicker than the Russian camera and looks a little bit like the Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim.

The PN 929 has a 28mm lens which is probably also made ​​of plastic. The fixed aperture is determined to only f/11 and the shutter speed to 1/100 sec. Unfortunately, there is not much information on the web about these little plastic notches. The setting options are limited to the panorama function.

Here are two bars pushed into the picture and give the finished pictures a panoramic look. This creates the impression of a panorama, but it is only a effect and not a real panorama. I have not yet used the tripod mount and think it’s very unnecessary.

You should probably use this camera only on sunny days, since the camera has no mount for a flash unit and no bulb mode. Practically, the window on the back shows the current film in the camera, like the LC-A+ does.

The pictures here were taken with the Lucky SHD 100 New, the cheap black and white film, from the land of the camera, China. I developed it with Rodinal.

Although I rarely take pictures with the PN 929, but every time I see the results, I’m totally thrilled about the possible great pictures that can come out of the little plastic box.

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  1. sobiksaabik
    sobiksaabik ·

    You can do this to any disposable camera, you'll need only a bit of electrician's tape..

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