Rossmann HR 400: Cheap Film for Your Favorite Lomo Cameras

2012-05-03 2

If you are looking for a cheap film for your Diana Mini, Holga and La Sardina, you should take a closer look at this film.

On nice days, films usually get used on our cameras. In the long run, you can see that film is expensive, since film can cost around 5 Euros per roll. Cameras such as the Sprocket Rocket, Spinner 360, and the LomoKino “eat” film and having cheap films is certainly an advantage for us Lomographers.

The solution to this problem is the Rossmann HR 400. It is a color negative ISO 400, and is sold by Rossmann, a German drugstore. The film is only available in 35mm, and you can save money when you buy the cheaper double pack which contains 2 films, each with 36 images.

With my experience with the Rossmann HR 400, it tends to have a green tint. Perhaps this is related to the manufacturer of Fujifilm, although this is not 100% confirmed.

The Rossmann HR 400 can be used even in bad weather and indoors, too. I recommend this film in sunlight as the color really pops. The saturated colors are fantastic and it produces mad contrasts. It can also be used for long exposures at night as well. To summarize, the Rossmann HR 400 is a good film with a great price-performance ratio.

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  1. sefrna
    sefrna ·

    Hi for rossman films are used old agfa hdc films ;) but dont anybody know what are the developping times for that film?

  2. jarodfwh
    jarodfwh ·

    may i know where do you buy it from?

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