Tweets from the Titanic


To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the unsinkable ship’s ironic and tragic sinking, The History Press created a Twitter account that reveals events that take place on board the Titanic as they unfolded in April 1912. @TitanicRealTime also Twitpics some rare photos of the vessel too.

Photo via titanicrealtime

I was 7 when I Titanic first came out and it was one of the movies that awed, terrified, romanticized, and trautamized the heck out of me. So naturally, I had to see James Cameron’s 3D rendering of one of the most iconic and historic films of all time, 15 years after Titanic debuted and 100 years after RMS Titanic sank.

The History Press created a Twitter account (@TitanicRealTime) that recounts events related to the Titanic, from preparations for the ship’s maiden voyage to its final moments above water, all in “real time.”

Photos via titanicrealtime

Rare photos are also being TwitPic-ed to its 60,000+ followers and tweets are hashtagged #captain, #officer, #crew, #firstclass and #photographer so you can easily tell who’s telling the story.

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