The La Sardina Multiple Exposures Rumble

2012-04-11 19

Time for some double exposure fun! Take out your sardine can camera and let’s get layering! Read on for more details…

Credits: sahilkarkhanis

How many of you already got your La Sardinas? How much fun are you having with this very flexible camera? And with soooo many designs to choose from, I bet some of you even have two or more! Let’s make use of that MX slider on your La Sardina and shoot double or multiple exposures. We will pick the five best ones and award Piggies!


  • Prize(s): 5 winners of 10 piggies each. All winners will receive a special award badge straight to their LomoHomes.
  • Film/Camera Type: Any analogue photo not digitally enhanced or manipulated. Must be shot using the La Sardina.
  • Upload Limit: 2 photos
  • Minimum Photo Dimensions: Submissions must be at least 768px.
  • Meta data must be completed (camera, film, location & 3 tags).
  • Deadline of submission is on May 15, 2012.

Good luck and have fun shooting!

Get ready to sail the high seas with our new La Sardina collection! These 35mm cameras are equipped with spectacular wide-angle lens, multiple exposure capabilities, and a rewind dial—everything you need for fun-filled and thrill-soaked escapades. Get your own La Sardina camera now!

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  1. jasiehasie
    jasiehasie ·

    I cant wait to get my la sardina so i can proof it! YAY!

  2. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    @summsumm Enter!

  3. roshanmenon
    roshanmenon ·


  4. deja-mew
    deja-mew ·

    yaaay another excuse to play with my sardina :3 and, to get that roll i last shot with it developed...

  5. teofilomorim
    teofilomorim ·

    i cant wait to see the results! yaaay! :3

  6. superkulisap
    superkulisap ·

    Got 1 month to shoot :D

  7. hanibale
    hanibale ·

    done! :*

  8. magali
    magali ·

    Look @sahilkarkhanis & @nishichauhan :)

  9. doubleagent19
    doubleagent19 ·


  10. threepointseven
    threepointseven ·

    can't wait to join
    hopefully i can seize some time next week XD

  11. ominousvelociraptor
    ominousvelociraptor ·

    And I am in! I love my La Sardina :)

  12. george97
    george97 ·

    Oh no i just put 2 fisheye photos in by accident :O

  13. arurin
    arurin ·

    i`m in ;D

  14. giuspadders
    giuspadders ·

    entered :)

  15. mimifleuri
    mimifleuri ·

    I entered my well hidden, home made redscale mx :D; Spot the Windmill :D

  16. dmtr
    dmtr ·

    1th photo submitted.

  17. fernanda-breder
    fernanda-breder ·

    When will you announce the winners? I'm getting anxious :)

  18. sahilkarkhanis
    sahilkarkhanis ·

    When will the winners be announced?

  19. gabysalas
    gabysalas ·

    @All, we are working on a ton of winners announcements, so stay tuned to the magazine!

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