Lost and Found: Years Passed

2012-04-12 3

After cleaning my room a while back, I found a one-use camera that I hadn’t gotten around to finish. I used up the rest of the film that weekend, and when my photos came back, I realized how much things had changed.

Credits: natalieerachel

When I found the Easy Shot, I vaguely remembered using it about two and a half ago at a Lifeguard camp that I had gone to during the summer. I had forgotten about the camera and it was there sitting around and waiting for me for a long time.

Looking back, I’ve realized how much has changed about my friends and I, physically in how much we’ve grown and situations between us. At the time, we were tight. Everyone called us The Four Blind Mice because we were “blind” without each other. I really miss that so much.

Credits: natalieerachel

I realize now how much really has changed. The four of us rarely ever hang out together anymore. We all have something or other things to do. I guess we all figured, “Maybe tomorrow, or next week, or next month.”

Credits: natalieerachel

And how coincidental is it, that the first picture I took after I found it, was a picture of Kira? One of my mice.

Credits: natalieerachel

Anyhow, it was really cool at the same to see how much our faces have changed too. Our physical features have changed so much without us even seeing it happen. I thought we looked like babies haha! I guess it’s easiest to see change in teenagers.

You’d be surprised how much things change when you see photos from the past. I did it unintentionally, but now, I’m kind of glad that I found it this way. It reminds me to keep close to my friends and always try to make time for them.

Credits: natalieerachel

It’s also really cool that my film expired while it was sitting. I’m not sure that had anything to do with the results of the recent pictures, but man they are bursting with color! Try it for yourself; take photos of friends and loved ones then leave it in the back of your closet for a few years. Set a reminder on your phone in the future, you might be surprised.

Credits: natalieerachel

Here we are now:

Us, The Four Blind Mice, along with Kayla’s boyfriend and our new friend Kiele!


Us four with Kiele again

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  1. rbruce63
    rbruce63 ·

    Awesome pictures! Indeed your camera is a time machine and now and then pictures show that you have also grown as a photographer!

  2. vanilajan
    vanilajan ·

    wow~love this! this is so meaningful! i love this article!

  3. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    @rbruce63 It's crazy how much things have changed! In a way, yes it does too which is also cool :)

    @vanilajan Thank you :)

    Recent photos with the four of us going to prom!

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