Change Your World's Color with the Lomography Colorsplash


This is my review about my very first lomography camera, the Lomography Colorsplash. Read about how it changed the color of my world after the jump!

Credits: walasiteodito

Last March 2012, I bought my very first lomography camera, the Colorsplash! I named it ‘Kidlat’, the Filipino word for “lightning.” I was so excited to try it, so as soon as i got hold of some films, I immediately loaded it to Kidlat so we can start changing the color of the world!

Honestly, I was a little scared and excited at the same time when I first used it. I was scared that nothing will appear in my photos so I decided to make doubles for my very first roll. A 2010 expired Fujicolor 100 was the very first roll I used. For the first exposure, I brought out my camera in our drinking session. We had fun colorsplashing green, purple, yellow, and blue. My friends were amazed by the shape and the colored flash of Kidlat. For the second exposure, I just shot around the house around noon. When I grabbed the photos from the lab, I was a bit unsatisfied maybe because the framing of the doubles missed, but still I think some of the shots are good. These are some sample photos.

Credits: walasiteodito

But I did not give up, for my second roll I used a January 2012 expired kodak Ultramax 400. I think it was a very good film, the colors came out well! I tried it in long exposure shots, morning shots with color gels on film, and the instant exposure with flash technique. It really changed the color of my world! I was really happy with the results when i got the photos from the lab!

Credits: walasiteodito

Now, I’m really excited in experimenting more with Kidlat, next time I’ll load it with a slide film, and I will also try a DIY redscale film. I think you should grab a Lomography Colorsplash camera now! It will really change the color of your dull world!

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