How to Get the Sexy St. Tropez Tan


There’s only two things you need for perfect summer photos: a golden tan and the La Sardina St. Tropez edition! You can forget about travel expenses and sunburns too. Here’s how to get both without breaking a sweat.

Located on the French Riviera, St. Tropez is known as the playground of the extremely rich and famous, with summertime guests like celebrities, jetsetters, and millionaires. But you can get the same golden glow from laying on the beaches of St. Tropez all afternoon without the need to travel, social climb, or sell your organs. In fact, you’ll be radiating from all the non-spending!

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Here are 10 tips on how to get the picture perfect tan for that natural sun-kissed look all summer long using self-tanning lotion:

1. Exfoliate regularly to avoid build up from several uneven tan layers.

2. Make and take time for the procedure. Don’t rush the application unless you want to look streak-y or freaky, Jersey Shore style! Also, do it 24 hours before shaving/waxing to avoid pore infections, and well before cooking so no dye goes in your food, and such.

3. Apply moisturizer the night before to get your skin as smooth as possible, especially problem areas like wrists and hands, elbows, knees, ankles and feet.

4. Keep palms tan-free by using latex gloves when applying, then simply sweep the backs of the hands with self-tan diluted with moisturizer.

5. Cover all over and don’t worry if you go over the same area twice. The tan will only be patchy if you miss a bit, not if you double up.

Credits: dudizm

6. Be gentle and don’t rub it in. Carefully smooth over the no-sun tanning lotion and let the product do its work. Rubbing may make the finish uneven.

7. Stay dry during development time and avoid washing your hands for as long as possible–a minimum of 2 hours. Try a hand sanitizer or wipes instead.

8. Follow tanning instructions and read the entire pack’s procedures before applying. Do a patch test if you have to, don’t go over or under the required application time, etc. Especially if it’s your first time doing it, better proceed with caution than regret!

9. Wear loose, dark clothing and avoid tight-fitting underwear. Anything that’s pressing on the skin may make the results a bit patchy. And you don’t wanna stain your clothes either!

10. Apply moisturizer (again!) and polish daily so your color fades evenly. And remember that the skin on your hands and face will fade quicker than the rest of the body.

Once you’ve given yourself a beautiful Brazilian bronze tan, why don’t you take a photos and give Adriana and Alessandra a run for their money? Shoot your sexy new tan with the *La Sardina St. Tropez* at your summer location of choice!

La Sardina Camera - St. Tropez

If you can’t afford the millionaire’s playground, just find your own summer paradise and don’t forget to take photos! Capture the beauty of the sea and shoreline with its wide-angle lens, your nightly beach club escapades with the Fritz the Blitz flash, and even two scenes in one frame with the multiple-exposure switch.

The La Sardina St. Tropez is the only luxury summer accessory that you need. (And lots of suntan lotion, of course!) Get the new La Sardina Beach Editions at our shop today!

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