Go Wide When Going Candid


Looking for a great camera for your candid shots? The La Sardina Splendour is just what you’re looking for! With its wide angle lens and fab design, you can bring back photography to the streets.

Credits: camielioo

Street photography is also considered candid photography since the subjects aren’t aware of being photographed most of the time. With the La Sardina Splendour’s wide angle lens, you can capture street adventures in a snap! Why use wide angle in street photography/candid photography?

Achieve intimate photographs. Photos that are taken with a wide angle lens tend to appear like the photographer is in touch with the subject. There’s something different when the camera is just a few feet away from the subject. Get close to the subject to immerse yourself in your surroundings and capture that special moment!

Take in more. Using a camera with a wide angle lens allows you to take in more of your surroundings when taking photos. In candid photography, this may be something that adds a special element to the image. May it be someone at the corner of the frame, or an added object that will make your image look better.

Perspective. You can achieve a good perspective with a wide angle lens. The subjects in the background will appear to be farther that they really are in real life. This can give you the chance to play around with your candid photography.

Credits: elguero, seetheworld, superlighter, i_fung, kylethefrench, kathepalacio, vicuna & ohpleasedontgo

Are you convinced that the La Sardina Splendour is perfect for your street adventures? Learn more about it on this news article and head on to the shop and grab yours now!

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