The Colorful Alleys of Namdaemun Market in Seoul


This is the largest traditional market in the city. It is located near the South Gate of the city, also called Namdaemun. There are hundreds of shops and stalls that fill the streets and alleys with thousand of colors.

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We enjoyed a whole afternoon walking down the alleys and buying in the busiest market in the city. Most of the retailers keep their stores open everyday but Sunday. You can get here walking from City Hall or Seoul Metropolitan Station. If you go by subway, you have to get off at Hoehyeon Station.

There are different areas where you can find a lot of different goods like clothes, accessories, toys, watches, kitchenware, food, flowers, carpets, and all kinds of local and imported products. There are many shops that have their own factories within the buildings and make their products. But the really colorful appearance of the market is because of the street vendors in the alleys between buildings.

My favorite stalls are the food ones. I think they are the most colorful in the whole market.

Credits: deprofundis

You can find children, men or women’s clothes, but you can also find specific clothes and equipment for climbing or skiing activities.

Credits: deprofundis

We bought souvenirs here because they were cheaper than in Insadong Street. We chose to buy metal chopsticks for our friends, because we found them very curious and characteristic of the country. Korean people use metal chopsticks that are heavier and more difficult to use than wooded chopsticks. It is said that metal chopsticks were first used because the King was concerned with assassination. He started to use chopsticks made of silver because it tarnished on contact with any poison in his food. After this, the metal chopsticks are continued to be used by Koreans in an attempt to emulate royalty. As silver is rather expensive, common chopsticks are made of stainless steel.

Credits: deprofundis

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