A Love that Sparked Another Love


I was previously a die-hard fan of digital cameras but was introduced to the world of analogue photography earlier this year, and I’ve loved it ever since!

Sometime back in December last year, my boyfriend, who had developed a liking for analogue photography a few months back, was eagerly sharing with me the challenges of analogue photography. Me, being a die-hard digital camera (point-and-shoot) fan, simply raised an eyebrow and replied in an obstinate matter-of-fact way, “Don’t you just press the shutter to get a photo? What’s so difficult about that?”

The poor boyfriend proceeded to spend another 20 minutes trying to explain the difficulties of analogue photography and how great photos do not just exist from one single thumb action of clicking a shutter. Knowing how stubborn I could be, the poor boy gave up that day. His passion for the art of analogue photography continued to grow and day after day, I would see him trawling the net for informative articles about photography.

We went for a holiday in December with a bunch of friends and he brought along his new baby, a Yashica Electro 35. I, of course, brought my trusty companion, a seductively sleek chili red Canon, which I had just purchased a few months back. Throughout the trip, I saw him snapping away. He would snap at the most random objects, a flower in the bush, a signboard in the sun. I didn’t get it. I was perfectly happy with the timer capabilities of my camera, which enabled our group to take the most amazing jumpshots ever at the sand dunes we visited (we were in Vietnam).

When we got home, he got his pictures developed, and I had to say, I ate my words. Perhaps to the professionals out there, the photos he took are just normal, nothing extraordinary, nothing special. But to me, I was completely taken aback. Wasn’t I there when he snapped a shot of that random ugly signboard? Yet here it was, captured in a photograph, along with radiant rays of sunlight that had fallen beautifully on the metal to reflect a shiny sparkly tint. The other photographs from the trip were also amazing and from that point onwards, I was sold.

I didn’t get my own camera until much later, when my boyfriend surprised me with one for Valentines’ Day. This no-frills camera was perfect for me, the noob who found his Yashica mind-boggling even after five months of being acquainted to it. Needless to say, I’ve had amazing fun with this camera! Words can’t express the exhilaration and anticipation I feel when I send my rolls in to get developed! We went for another trip at the end of February, this time to Bangkok, and I brought it along with me. Well, the Canon came along too, but this time, the pretty red thing was banished to my backpack until the sunset (only because my first camera can’t take pictures at night). It’s been almost two months since my first analogue camera ever and right now, I can’t wait to explore new cameras (I assembled my own Recesky recently and I’ve got an Olympus Trip on the way!).

I can’t thank my boyfriend enough for introducing me to the world of analogue photography! Here are some photos for all of you! I’m still a noob, but I hope I get better in time!

written by fumu on 2012-04-26 #holiday #lifestyle #superheadz-super-fat-lens #beginner #bangkok #analogue-cameras

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