The Streets of Bangkok: A Golden Opportunity for Street Photographers


It’s really amazing what this stretch of road between Bangkok’s two most popular shopping centers, Mah Boon Krong and Platinum Mall, has to offer for street photographers.

The streets of Bangkok, Thailand are rich with photo opportunities for street shooters. Just walking from Mah Boon Krong (MBK), a popular shopping center in Bangkok to Platinum Mall, another shopping paradise, can yield photos that show a side of Bangkok that most first-time visitors would have overlooked.

Sure, there are sculptures to be photographed as a record shot around the shopping district as a fun place to be at. I suspect thousands of tourists before me must have done so too.

Yet, if you look around these sculptures, there could be some other photo opportunities that tell a different story.

The walk from one shopping center to the other takes about 20 minutes. But there are plenty of things to see and photograph.

For starters, by looking up and you’ll find some public sculptures.

But don’t forget to look down! You can get some interesting perspectives too!

Also, look at the side roads; they are able to show you how fast (or slowly) this city is progressing.

As with most urban cities, there’ll be abandoned buildings tattooed with unmistakable signs of a universal culture. Depending on which generation you belong to, it could be seen as graffiti or as art.

Even so, Bangkok is a city where old meets new, like a cobbler happy plying his trade along the streets while chatting on his mobile phone via his headset.

Or this entrepreneurial lady selling her wares under the shade of a tree as modern vehicles zoom past her.

As always, street food vendors make for the more interesting subjects.

Other interesting scenes that you can find during this short walk include people having forty winks, a traffic policeman, and all types of transportation.

My advice to anyone planning a street shoot along these streets, Phaya Thai Road and Phetchaburi Road, is to use a half-frame camera as you’ll be shooting nonstop like I did.

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