Expired Fujifilm RMS 100/1000: A Rare Gem with Good Features

2012-04-23 2

Today I will tell you about a rare film, hard to find in these parts and with some very good features. It is the Fujifilm RMS 100/1000. But what does it offer? Go on and read!

We begin with the basic features. I’ll start talking about the ISO. Its variable range is ISO 100 to 1000. Presumably, we think that it is perfectly suited to any time of the day, but we will find some problems when scanning. The second feature is that it is a slide film. The vast majority of films that are in the market are ISO color negative variable. This feature is one that can bring some headaches for scanning.

Use: Clearly at any time of day. This ISO variable allows us to have much range so there will be problems due to lack of light or indoor shoots. I have tried 3 of these reels and I have been checking their features. The first time I shot (by eye or so) with the ISO 100 or 200 and the results were excellent. Predominantly blue tones of those that the Fuji films offer.

The major problems came later. When the same reel will deforce at both ends. I shot photos in almost all ISO and the result was as expected. My fault? Sure of it. Should I have said something to the lab? Well, certainly yes. Anyway, the photos that were shot at ISO greater than 400 were practically burned and the photos that were shot at the lowest ISO had grain. But I was left disappointed again and I jumped to try again.

This time I had more success. The whole film was exposed at ISO 200 and 400, and the results certainly were better. The results at higher ISO gives pictures a yellow tint, which to me personally, I quite like. If you are thinking of playing with the ISO with a Lubitel , it is really easy. If shooting at ISO 100, shoot at 1/125 and when shooting at ISO 200, set aperture to f.8 and 1/125 f/16 or speed up a point. On a sunny day, shoot at ISO 1000 and set aperture at 1/250 f22 (maximum with Lubitel).

How can we summarize this film? Certainly I think what we should test it when we have the opportunity. But my advice is to make no sudden changes in ISO. Limit to two changes. If you shoot the whole roll to ISO 1000 the results will be good as well as at 100, 200, 400.. Lomo On!

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  1. javihacefotos
    javihacefotos ·

    Thanks for translation!

  2. aguillem
    aguillem ·

    I'm not sure if I understood well. It seems that you tried different ISO with the same roll. so you didn't compensate by push processing the development?

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