A Rain Trapped City: Tour of Pingxi


Who says one needs to stay at home during rainy days? Get out there and have fun with your camera! Taking a train from Taipei, we will pass by Nuannuan, Shifen…before reaching Pingxi.

Walking on the traditional streets of Pingxi gives one a simple and quaint feel. Old provision shops, traditional cake shops, and all sorts of eateries can be found here although most shops were closed at the time that I arrived as it was already quite late. Fortunately, I brought along my LC-A+ loaded with slides, which have no issues with night shots at all.

Although this is not the season for sky lanterns, there are still a lot of tourists releasing sky lanterns on the streets. This is also my first visit to Pingxi and my first time releasing a sky lantern.

We visited the shop that appeared in the movie “You Are the Apple of My Eye”. Besides sky lanterns, shops here also sell clothes made with traditional Taiwan flowery pattern textiles.

The shop lady is very kind and gave us a pack of sparklers. When we were about to leave, she reminded us to revisit during the firefly seasons in April/May!

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translated by coolsigg

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