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Now WHO let the dogs out? Well, not uncle_jay, but for one of his latest Locations features this week, he certainly got our attention with his quirky choice for a location – a rooftop K9 Park in where else? Singapore!

Photo by uncle_jay

With weekly locations submissions in and out of his native Singapore, uncle_jay is one of those dedicated lomographers who clearly love and enjoy capturing images on film and is more than happy to share not just his photos but his stories as well.

Not one to forget his camera/s even during random outings with the missus, uncle_jay makes it a point to keep a look out for interesting shops, people, restaurants, and basically every little thing that he finds interesting enough to be worth taking a photo of and sharing in his lomo home.

Photo by uncle_jay

In his article Who Let the Dogs Out? uncle_jay stumbles upon a pleasant surprise in one of the many shopping haunts in Singapore, the newly-opened Nex Shopping Centre which could have turned out to be just like any other mall in Singapore ’til he and his wife got to the rooftop.

“Exploring the mall, we ended up at the mall’s Skygarden, which is actually the rooftop. Walking around this garden in the sky, we found a public library and a children’s wet and dry playground, which presented me with a photo op. Then I noticed a sign. It said ‘No dogs beyond this point’.
Huh? I turned around and saw a fenced up area with toy dogs unleashed and running about in that small space. I had to investigate this and found that this was indeed a K9 Park, which is the first of its kind in a Singaporean mall. This fenced-up area is divided into two areas; one for small dogs and the other for big dogs. Both had high jump bars, hoops, slides, and a water dispenser.” – uncle_jay

Photo by uncle_jay

“Apparently, this K9 Park was the idea of pet retail chain Pet Lovers Centre’s managing director, who brainstormed with Nex’s developer on how to make the mall pet-friendly. Not surprisingly, Pet Lovers Centre is one of the largest tenants on the rooftop. It’s branch, known as Pet Safari, offers pet food, accessories, and veterinary services in one location. What’s more, there is Doggiestyle Cafe, a pet-friendly cafe, situated within a few meters of the K9 Park.” – uncle_jay

Photo by uncle_jay

Having presented a unique location coupled by a nicely-written article, uncle_jay's feature became a quick hit in the Locations section this week earning “likes” and “comments” from his Lomography peers. Congrats uncle_jay ’til your next Locations feature!

Happy Easter everyone!

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