Talee Rooftop Theme Park


Deep down inside, everyone is still a child at heart. The rooftop theme park at Talee Department Store has been around for 27 years. Many people born in the 60s and 70s have fond childhood memories of this place. But I am not familiar with the location at all! Strange but true! This trip is to make up for my lost childhood but for my friend, it is to relive her childhood memories.

Golden Carriage/Crazy Disco

The theme park was closed for six months for renovations. Two new attractions were added, Golden Carriage and Crazy Disco.

Golden Carriage

Since I fell in love with film photography, I have a fetish for merry-go-rounds. This merry-go-round is simple and has a retro theme, playing oldies music and is popular with adults and kids.

Pirate Ship

I love to sit at the rear of the pirate ship. The ride is not too thrilling but I can enjoy the city view!

Space battle

You can control the ascent and descent. One can enjoy Kaohsiung’s beautiful city view while spinning!

A theme park is the perfect location to spam your film and Talee Rooftop Theme Park is the most convenient location for me!

Talee Rooftop Theme Park
Take the bus or subway to Central Park and take a 3-5 minutes walk to Talee Isetan Dept Store.
Floor: RF
PS:Take the lift to 12F and walk up the stairs.

Film and camera used
Diana Mini FujiReala500D Film
Fuji Natura Classica Lomography X-pro Slide Film 200

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translated by coolsigg

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