Seoul City Guide - Food and Drink Call Out!


It’s now time for our final location call out! This week we’re asking you to give us your all-time favorite locations in Seoul for grabbing some much-needed food and drink! Submit an article and not only will you have the chance of starring in the forthcoming Lomography City Guide Seoul but you’ll also be awarded a mouthwatering 15 Piggies for each Seoul-based Location you submit! Read on for more info.

by dkssudsky

After a few weeks of call outs and some fabulous submissions, we’ve now reached our final Location call out for the Seoul City Guide. Seoul is a city that’s famous for its huge selection of mouth-watering delicacies! From kimchi to banchan, jaw-dropping soups and delicious stews; Seoul has it all!

Also, if you still have some great nighttime Locations , escape the city, arts and culture , or urban adventures locations it’s not too late to submit them!

Example of a LomoLocation: Le Plus Belle Quartier in Seoul by afterain

by dkssudsky

Food and Drink
Where’s the most mouthwatering food and drink in Seoul? It could be your favorite Korean restaurant, some exotic cuisine or that quiet little cafe that you love to spend your weekends in. Whatever, we want to see it!

Best coffee in town
Best ice-cream in town
Best kimchi in town
Best pizza in town
Best breakfast in town
Food for thought
Local delights
Sweet explosion
Cheap but good
Hangover therapy
Worth the Splurge
Mouthwatering Exotica

What should I include?

All you need is at least 5 great pictures of your Location, then simply add a couple of paragraphs explaining what it is about this place you love, instructions how to get there and you’re ready! See below for more detailed information.

by ccwu

How to get involved:

- To see all the sections that will be included in the Lomography City Guide Seoul, take a look here for more information
- If you’re not sure of what a location should look, our handy dandy step-by- step guidelines will help walk you through it with ease.
- Upload 5 or more great photos (higher resolution the better – your photos should have at least 1200 pixels in either width or height)
- A couple of paragraphs containing four or more sentences each on why you love your location and why people should check it out.
- The exact address of where it’s located and how to get there.
- Also, DON’T FORGET to tag your location with “city guide” and “seoul” so we can pull them out easily and provide you with an extra 5 piggies.

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