Summer at a Solitary Beach


A series of photos with an unusual point of view of a summer in a Tunisian resort with a Kodak Retinette 1b, a reliable camera; robust, and with a high contrasted triplet lens.

This is a tribute to the Italian singer Franco battiato and his song “Summer on a solitary beach” with an unusual point of view of a resort of Djerba. I used an Ilford Fp4 film developed in Rodinal at the maximum concentration (1+25) to obtain a pleasant grain. Here is my camera:

Two words about this camera, built by Kodak in the late 60s and early 70s: it is similar to the Smena Symbol, with a high-contrasted and sharp triplet lens (a beautiful Reomar Rodenstock 45/2,8), focus on zones as the Smenas and the “Lomo LC-A”: The camera has a selenium cell exposure meter, still 100% working! Fine mechanics (it was made in Germany!) and reliable! Film advancement lever is smooth and the shutter is very quiet! But hear now the “silence of the sea…”

Would just like to say to this wonderful sea: “Take me away on the waves!”

Sometimes if you move a few hundred meters away from the “sunbathers area” you can take interesting and unusual photos:

The use of black-and-white film helps to concentrate on composition only (it is less distracting than color film: the set of vivid summer colors are transformed to a series of tones of gray).

I don’t know why I decided to shoot in this way, showing a deserted beach (a “positive falsehood of the camera,” as would say the great photographer Andreas Feininger) while just over there, the beach was full of activities and entertainment. Sometimes intuition helps you find a different point of view!

As said by a great artist, the photograph does not show the reality, but the impression you get of it. And of course this varies from day to day, depending on your thoughts, your mood, and your personality.

Who knows what this horse was thinking in its moment of “pause”?

Or these men, who accompany the tourists on horseback for a few Dinars, and that in a lean day, had asked me some coins to buy food for their animals…

Sometimes speaking with local people allows you to know the reality of things, often hidden behind the fun and diversion. Meanwhile, someone is searching for a moment of silence and peace after a long day’s work as an entertainer:

Further away, another hundred meters, we can find a free beach. Crowded, chaotic, dirty, but interesting as a photographic subject:

I always like to look at reality with new eyes. Here I am showing the “hidden side” of the reality of the life of a summer village.

Because “the real voyage of discovery”, as Proust said, “is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes”. Good light!

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    Fantastic camera and photo set :)

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