Paris in Beautiful Black and White: Walking Around

Paris is easily one of my favorite places to visit and as well as having amazing landmarks and attractions, there is also so much to see just by walking around the streets and taking everything in.

The first time I visited Paris was in high school and I remember being quite underwhelmed by it and perhaps, a little bit intimidated by it as well…but after visiting for a second time only last year, I started to appreciate all the things about Paris that I just couldn’t see before – the architecture, the culture, the art, and more importantly, the atmosphere.

Walking around Paris, you can see why so many amazing artists lived and worked there, the atmosphere is buzzing. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever been anywhere like it with such a creative yet relaxed atmosphere with streets full of beautiful buildings, amazing characters, hidden art, and delicate details.

written by easilydistracted on 2012-04-11 #places #black-and-white #streets #location #iso-400 #paris #france #ilford-xp2 #urban-adventures #diana-mini #select-type-of-location

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