Walking Boots at the Ready, We're off to Tandle Hill!

A place I love to go anytime of the year is Tandle Hill, just on the outskirts of the city, in Royton. There’s a fantastic walk through the woods that leads you up to the top of the hill where a monument stands to commemorate the men of Royton who died during the First World War.

We decided to meet a couple of friends for a walk and Tandle Hill is conveniently placed between both of our houses. Lisa and Guy have recently been blessed with the beautiful Isla and I thought I would take the opportunity to take some shots of them in the woods. It was a tad muddy under foot but worth it. There’s also an adventure playground for the kids and a café to recharge your batteries, as usual, we ended up nipping to the local pub on this occasion.

We always take our girls to the woods and they go crazy when we let them off the lead, if I look away for a minute, Trudy always seems to get full of mud and twigs.

I find walking outdoors is a great antidote for the stress that can be caused by a modern-day lifestyle. I’ve always been interested in trees as when walking with my mum in the park, she seems to know the names of them all. The trees at Tandle are mature and impressive, and I think look great all-year round.

The view from the top reminds me of how small we all are and you can see all over the Greater Manchester area. Some days, you can even catch a sight of the swifts catching the air flow around the top of the hill.

If you live in the greater Manchester area and you fancy being amongst the trees, Tandle Hill is a great place to go for a small break from the noise of the city.

Where are your favorite places to go to soak up the greenery? Walking boots and anoraks at the ready!

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