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Some compositional tips to make your photos totally different from every other shot of the spot you’re in ever taken!

Very often when we take photos, we take photos of places that have been photographed as often as you’ve had hot dinners. Holiday shots of landmarks, shots of statues in our hometown squares, sunset over mountains. But we aren’t the only ones are we? Heres a few musings on how to make your shots that little bit different:

[Look for the difference in things]. You could go to any place in the world and it will be different every day. Ask what makes it different- the people there, the weather, graffitti, adverts even! Inclement weather is not a reason to hide your camera away for example. Try to keep it dry as possible and shoot away!

[A new angle on things]. You don’t have to shoot portrait or landscape all the time! Try lining your camera up with the slope of a roof or at a 45 degree angle to fit the subject in differently. And remember you don’t have to display them straight either.

[Get down low, way down low] Try putting your camera on the ground and setting it to infinite focus. You’ll be able to pick patterns on cobbled streets or floor tiles perfectly. Try it with walls too.

[Don’t disgard all hopes] Particularly with digital cameras, it is easy to reflex delete shots. But remember that on a second look you might spot something that makes that photo special. Imperfection is perfection sometimes folks.

[Look up, look down, look all around] Little alleyways off of where you’re shooting- try a shot there. Try reflections off of buildings as a subtle way of including your subject.

[Focus people, focus!]An umbrella or scaffolding in front of you in the way of your subject? Focus it out. You’ll get a soft framing effect. Equally, try disguising your subject by focusing on somthing closer like a sign. The human brain recognises shape, not content often, making your photo more enigmatic and mysterious.

[Completely ignore everything I just said] These are just some values i’ve suggested- try them out, and if you like them, keep them up there. Try random stuff, try what goes completely against logic, mess around!

Peace out,

written by crazydiamond101 on 2009-01-13 #news #travel #conposition

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